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jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

So, my journey continued...

In my conjuring demarches the piaget continued initiating with the other Amazons. I felt being insulted said the Biatch Black Lawyer Karla, my name and my image weren't become a good resort for anything which is ang cheap, lahat ng yan tapos iyon tapos dito then lahat dumami na mga nakakasuka sa paligid ko. she becomes that dignified in a way detriment have been assaulted with such my terms, because of my so called litigance to the anarchy of a counter attack to repentance. She tend to be that nasty and hours passing by, look at circumstances around felt nodded and deadpun even though it's a magical assure ties of their likeness to procure of the visions that could be she'll inherit. She becomes sullen then ignited her own capabilities to purge the neccessities occuring around. With the interwining aspects of the intrusion, and what could be a torment to the evading siege of good reasons. I muttered her this was the liblib na lugar. In the continuous assets of harbouring demonic entity, I'm very poignant that you'll reminisce of the detrimental demeanor, quite unveiling with the sort of deviance and ill-mannered temperance of human surgencies. People where sort of envious especially when they see something occurence which is stupid, forth the alure of the demonic entity we had merge and vitiate the enemies to deteriorate away especially  of the evil forces running in the frailty of life. Now this liblib na lugar is a sort of a myriad conjuring of bountiful though archetypal against the nuissance of people's enviousness. The virtous of the entailment to my faction of truth is that of a good essences, especially of my continuous decadence in my route of reallity. Meanwhile, she muttered again of my continuous hegemonic reallity, quite a good liturgy against the denoument of evil that lurks our mind. "It's better that the reour, the piagget and the deathstriker kathy's (Fuege) berzerker barage to unveil the mysticism of deviance and is much to revitalized to the continuous sojourn of my reallity. Towards the synergy of the three ion bonds for me to make everything revitalized to the verge of my reallity, by means of that hours to be ignited the visions of good demarche. We live again our journey, she turned herself idiomatic of self image, then look at the circumstance then vanquished away again.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Teenage rivets for the lies and wrongness of my life....

Gusto niyo pa ba ibalik ang temptasyon?

He never assaulted any reasons of friendship, but a means of illogical senses of boasting. This dream is usually a nightmare full of badlucks, people who hhave misdemeanor in my life tend to be a derogatory remarks. Four months after, said I that we`ve broke up in the means of mind bugling relationship. The strength of my sight turned that hours our relationship become pessimistic at the so called liblib na lugar like my elder sister before. Celso should I call him, now I used to have more prudence because of the relationship that have been destructed between us. The 7777 years still of sojourn that I have, still is a major case to make preponderonce of the pluralistic essentials. Still though funny because of the place itself the majority could be a means of a laquer society.  It was a real route obstruction of justice against me in the name of love. 4 months after our relationship, he considered following me, for no reasons especially that I don`t have any gains but an insult with the so called above and the fiefdom of knowledge. The interface of my mentallity tend to be, that obnoxious. Still, I can`t find the answers, in that my life is still hundred a year. As a vitality or the citadel of the ethereal views in ardours of the above ultimatum and greater power of all. I as the greater answer and consequences, harbour the good visions of masterpiece of life. I had to become industrious again, for a more expectancies for good reasons. Then, in my midst of a search as a curse in this world to create my ten visions of death my (ten other horses). Then it became a life matter, that somebody is trying to evade my life and culture. A while ago both of auras harbouring my scent, I`ve been tempted to tease by lots of people just because that I am an emmo hemmian rhapsody ursed. With that hegemonic arena, even though the ravage of the woman ignited with a means of misresponsible demeanor just because of that man to conduce me with a lower status, indeed I decided to change my route of a better excellencies for the name of a greater means or the ultimatum. As a culturalist, my search for sociological awareness become that my creed, forth the reason before ritually instated myself that a woman discussed their lives of marrying a man at the age lower than the 18th year, an unreciprocation of denial could part take the mismarriage of that so called youth. According to my conclusion Ieveryone must be aware of the modern communication of relationships that each must attain. It was my reminisced of an afternoon sunset at that liblib nareconaissanceissance of my continuous sojourn.