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jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Thess... Thess.. Ay... Ay...Ay...Ayra

Before I leave say, I am always a Cervantes in that, the Amazons where unclined to the White Zombies of non approach now these, hours. Once I leave I'll always be a Jhang Seo Hee. To promite more of expectancies to the elemental procurements of sports and analogy of a good outcome in the name of womanhood. It's a real goodness of truth that I am in a pensive victory for a gain in contradiction by the name of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Be the Amazon in the rule of a protagonist approaches. To the err of a whim, my assault against is an assault to a humorous nightmare that I want to get ended. Amazons be always in touch for a progeny of victory for the blessed... Thes...Thes....Thes..Thes... Ay...Ayra. the procurements become destructive once, an old man invite me a hideous goodness of shares.. A struggle is really difficult when you say "hindi siya happy, pero holly siya". In a name of an avoidance against the so called love to create me is much of a difficult to an indulged feigned Myriad beauty... By Ecclesia. To a route of an expectancies she arrived, hi madami kong pagkain dito sa bag... hassuuuuuss... di namin alam yan anong klase kayong aso?!!!!!!!!! then a mere option for a goodness in the name of a Vincetian credencies where that a faction of continuous rights in the name of enlightenment and the days of the Jhang. With my progeny of a more solute it's much woeful in the wuxe of denoument against you my dear Grazildon or shall I say Maggie Zionet... or no... no... no... Ecclesiastes a good name for wife of a Manila Zoo. Yet to be that kind of person never inlove but destroys. Look he's there a man or a... never mind. Still these hours where my rule in the name of the Amazons. Anyway I'm Ay... Ayra not Ortiz or Glydel. This is much of a good union 8n this humorous nightmare of a Don Quixote in hide to become a mystic in aesthetic mind for bountiful joy to destroy the Satanhood. Then I muttered with her, I'm not safe supposedly, maybe he's handsome I think? what is he look a like kaya? or pwede ring Arvyna. Ohhhh... oooohhhh.... ahhhh... then I think life is really gonna come my way sana talaga wala ng Marvel vs. CAPCOM sa Pilipinas para wala ng problema Amazons. She added then, ano tingin mo sakin? madami kami dito!!!!!!!... then it's an ezuberance that hours between us said I... hay naku dahil sa kanya naging ganito ko buhay ng nanay ko kapalit sayo. Another hours became a momentum then she stood still. Ganyan ka pa rin hanggang ngayon? then it became a murmur in society.

The mystery behind my mind

Midnight is just like life and death sentences, you really don`t know if you`ll wake up or not. It`s midnight when I used to do what I want, and our living room was my sanctuary, it was what I used to be my garden where I can tell my good and evil desires and pretences. I want to overcome this evil feelings but it`s so hard to exert those feelings and difficult to understand. I pushT myself to be good though it` s hard but it seems to be like everythings done I know I`ve change but the almighty one want`s something more. Things were going heavier and more complicated as I step on the doorways of eternal joy. But what am I? Makes me sad is when I was spiritually bothered with malicious murmurs in my mind, something which is not good  and keeps the pain in my heart. This is what the evil that I can say in my living room what I called garden. Not only those bothers but also the faithlessness that keeps in touch with my mind, so hard to predict who he is but I know he`s the powerfull one who can help me cure those pains and threats in my mind and soul. what makes me bothered is my dark past that sscares me so much. If that would be a documentary video everyone will be scared with what I`ve done. If there`s bad then there`s good what make`s me happy is when I remember the name of the four angels in our designated religion on reign.
This is the story that I tell in my garden, actually I was in my bedroom but I can`t go down cos Freddy Kreuger awaits to have fun.