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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016

The Majestic

The majestic is all about a story with the whims of a vindication to the frution of my own pedagogical aspect to the death who turned himself a whore by a means of an majestic person who discovered him lying down in the desert. Drona became intermittent of what she could on the lapse of essences by many means against the pretentious and feigned beauty, with my own extrication to the story of the Ta Rits reality by motherhood and sainthood of her being to the contradiction of own casualties. The sensation is a lure by our apprehension to the higher ground of or sentiments as being of coalesce relationship. The aliens where that, evade to a sensation of search for an owned existence against feigned beauty. The viral epitome of a story to womanhood and aide for people could be that, an essences of a better pretenses against a morbid sensation to curates of ores and minutes to the catch of people by means of different studies and academics. The search for existences to evade a better culture. With The essences of the the ten Routes, Drona's verge for her own search and affirmative sensations that could be a contradiction to frugality of a fringe of a society. The meaning of attitude comes first not intelligence is a good things which passes by to reverberate in the verge of a more beautiful story. The alien tends to become abducted but somehow become range to a more benevolent a society. Things which is a contrast to our voyage is that, when the viral aspect of a sociological order could be definitive for a momentum of our realistic venture by only us as friends who'd ought to make visions of being amicable to stories of search for an evade and the so called ultimatum with the essences of a paradigm the fidget of making an expectant social that they used to call (Birthday tong taong toh). Anyway with the vye of my continuous condition the perflex of attitude where that a consanguined reality against abuse and HYDROCHLORIC METHYL ETHANE PANTENE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. with the so called angst of a better eptiome the things are that, my so called better culture and perfection of conscience and mentality for a creed to the ultimatum. With the faction of an eclair to paradigmatic interference of a thought to an eclair of a better vindication and essences to fidget of a magnacarta. Anyway here are the ten routes.

The Ten Routes



 Zara Mae
 Linda Vinna
A story of what the alien Mutters to Saint Rita when we deal with the essences of the ten routes to examine pictures for expectant humor as the league of me. And what do you think of me when I've rememebered of it, a saying from a very intellectual woman. The alien which had had that kind of majestic story when Drona search for excellence of the so called amicable essences of creeds of ten Routes with the means of ethereal views in a binge of better tendency against the Pataksil woman in the means of contradiction to betrayal and avert of the very essence of haste in a grace. Pictures worth a million smiles when people looked at it with the virile vindication of a so called verge of a tributary aspect. Sa totoo lang Renzelle nakakapagod na sila...