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miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Prutas ni Ayra

Sa pagpapalayo ng sinicdotang Filipino at layag sa malayong hay un... Nakilala ko si Ayra at naging tuwiran. Eto na naman ang mali at kasamaan hay un... Si Roueerr ng ako'y nakilala siya kaya't marilag ang liwanag sa pagpapatibay. Itong puno ng pagkain na mundo ay totoong walang kahiligan sa pansariling totoo. Eto na nung dumating si Kristian na katawan din naman pero ng mga Kristian nga lang, kaya't labanan daw pero gayun pa man ay dapat na ipaghambalang ang di dapat. Ngayon eto sila na ang nainggit, panu nga ba naman ang ganda ko daw kasi kaya sabi ko, Secure Lizzie 7/11. Pulshacks sa mga nakakabadtrip na bagay, lagi parin dapat ay pagiibigang magkatoto at magkakapatid. Huling hinaing ng mga insecure pero poverish naman at echuserang frog frog ay dapat tuhugin ng mahabang talastasan. Ano anga  mg magagawa mo para sa akin? Eto na nga ang mga bagay sa ligaya laban sa ganid na planetang dapat niririwasang sira. Ng dumating si Roeurrr... Kami lang ang nagtulungan, maya maya lang isa mga Taritz nandito na si Wei isang metikulosong master mind na lalake sa pagpapalakas ay nagkahakang kama'y na walang kamalay malay. Labanan na ang lahat na di dapat para sa aking GMRC Reign. GMRC reign para sa mga walang pakundangang dapat ihalal sa pagmamalas ko kahit kami'y kaunti at isara para sa di dapat. Wala na kong problema sa lahat ng magan ng sopas para sa azul at puting may lahing amazona. Laging Taritz ngunit sa alamang issue nalalapit na ang isang bagong aking hukbo. Si Roeurr ay isang mapagpalakas na lagi sa akin nawa'y makamit niya pa rin laban sa lactobacillus. Yun na ang haba ng aming katigbayan sa mali maling pwede naming ibigay, ilawan na lang ang natin ang san man? Na ngayon ay nandiyan si Lizzie 7/11 sa pagiging pakipasira laban sa mga kamalian. Malas na lang nila dahil mali sila, saan kailan? Hindi ko alam ngunit papaano ang mga bagay bagay laban sa lahat ng indulgencia para sa aking katuwiran na dapat iragasa. Ngayon eto na ulit harapan para sirain ng tuluyan nawa'y tunay katoto ang aking dapat ilahad sa mga kasarian naming mga Amazona at Tarits. 

"My fairest one of all, how I court a lovely princess and a mermaid indulge with an airy feature you're much ethereal my dear lady." After dancing, we laid down the bed until we slept the whole midnight. Until morning came, I wake up in my bed smiling happily saying, "It's him again the phantom in my love expectant who doesn't have any errs in life but a sacrifice for the sake of our feast and feisty outcomes.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Thess... Thess.. Ay... Ay...Ay...Ayra

Before I leave say, I am always a Cervantes in that, the Amazons where unclined to the White Zombies of non approach now these, hours. Once I leave I'll always be a Jhang Seo Hee. To promite more of expectancies to the elemental procurements of sports and analogy of a good outcome in the name of womanhood. It's a real goodness of truth that I am in a pensive victory for a gain in contradiction by the name of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Be the Amazon in the rule of a protagonist approaches. To the err of a whim, my assault against is an assault to a humorous nightmare that I want to get ended. Amazons be always in touch for a progeny of victory for the blessed... Thes...Thes....Thes..Thes... Ay...Ayra. the procurements become destructive once, an old man invite me a hideous goodness of shares.. A struggle is really difficult when you say "hindi siya happy, pero holly siya". In a name of an avoidance against the so called love to create me is much of a difficult to an indulged feigned Myriad beauty... By Ecclesia. To a route of an expectancies she arrived, hi madami kong pagkain dito sa bag... hassuuuuuss... di namin alam yan anong klase kayong aso?!!!!!!!!! then a mere option for a goodness in the name of a Vincetian credencies where that a faction of continuous rights in the name of enlightenment and the days of the Jhang. With my progeny of a more solute it's much woeful in the wuxe of denoument against you my dear Grazildon or shall I say Maggie Zionet... or no... no... no... Ecclesiastes a good name for wife of a Manila Zoo. Yet to be that kind of person never inlove but destroys. Look he's there a man or a... never mind. Still these hours where my rule in the name of the Amazons. Anyway I'm Ay... Ayra not Ortiz or Glydel. This is much of a good union 8n this humorous nightmare of a Don Quixote in hide to become a mystic in aesthetic mind for bountiful joy to destroy the Satanhood. Then I muttered with her, I'm not safe supposedly, maybe he's handsome I think? what is he look a like kaya? or pwede ring Arvyna. Ohhhh... oooohhhh.... ahhhh... then I think life is really gonna come my way sana talaga wala ng Marvel vs. CAPCOM sa Pilipinas para wala ng problema Amazons. She added then, ano tingin mo sakin? madami kami dito!!!!!!!... then it's an ezuberance that hours between us said I... hay naku dahil sa kanya naging ganito ko buhay ng nanay ko kapalit sayo. Another hours became a momentum then she stood still. Ganyan ka pa rin hanggang ngayon? then it became a murmur in society.

The mystery behind my mind

Midnight is just like life and death sentences, you really don`t know if you`ll wake up or not. It`s midnight when I used to do what I want, and our living room was my sanctuary, it was what I used to be my garden where I can tell my good and evil desires and pretences. I want to overcome this evil feelings but it`s so hard to exert those feelings and difficult to understand. I pushT myself to be good though it` s hard but it seems to be like everythings done I know I`ve change but the almighty one want`s something more. Things were going heavier and more complicated as I step on the doorways of eternal joy. But what am I? Makes me sad is when I was spiritually bothered with malicious murmurs in my mind, something which is not good  and keeps the pain in my heart. This is what the evil that I can say in my living room what I called garden. Not only those bothers but also the faithlessness that keeps in touch with my mind, so hard to predict who he is but I know he`s the powerfull one who can help me cure those pains and threats in my mind and soul. what makes me bothered is my dark past that sscares me so much. If that would be a documentary video everyone will be scared with what I`ve done. If there`s bad then there`s good what make`s me happy is when I remember the name of the four angels in our designated religion on reign.
This is the story that I tell in my garden, actually I was in my bedroom but I can`t go down cos Freddy Kreuger awaits to have fun.

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

The Rouerr and the Rowellang taga bario

So after watching these two consecutive terms of frivolities, the effect is that how could this Jhang be destructed in her safest way? The theorem is that of my own camaraderies forth you the dear Jhang against the poverty that arise. In my own effort for my usual ways is that of a quintessential terms forth a means of a better proposition. In my own instances to promote of the union, there could be an ecclair to my usual ways of this comfort by my own. In my own senses of good parodies there could be better analyses against this dislodge union of a haste. Rouerr; is that of a rebelious in the protection of that Rowellang taga Barrio. With my own instincts they both coincided that hours then give a mere analogy of the cases regarding our epitomes of friendship. Our protection is that essential that hours, the meaning of sexual orientation is that a forth of a good paradigm to the egalitarian roles by each human demands. So they both reacted at each other, because of gender they tend to become vitiated of the causes in different terms of analyses. Rouerr: it's like that, it's just the way it is with the means of the beauty and the beast story of giving an upheave to most human surge and the love to most utilazation of thoughts and qualities of human intelligence. Rouerr reacted like that in a very intelligent way of solving mathematics of a mere console difference to the paradigm of a realistic unfringe of union with the whims against sensitivities of touch and an ambiguous terms to what is in real and a contradiction to beauty in hide. Rowellang taga barrio: ay naku hindi namin kailangan yan dito... please lang masmabuti ng ilagay niyo yan sa ibang lugar maipikita niyo lang na tama kayo. Then it became an issue in all of us as friends and democratic union in egalitarian senses of the republic airy ethereal moments to the vindication of reallity. Everything is a better infringe in the contradiction of a suffocation of real wealth and the intelligence.

martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Repedal Jeans

It's so in my dreams that, another am@zon have conquered the asphalt of my issues. That the detrimented concurrence of anarchy, had been detoured by Lies and Shines to consanguined of truth against, the falsewitnesses of progeny and emulative misdemeanor dimension in contradiction to occults. The papacy must be buried away whilst my contradiction to White Zombies, in the elimination whilst the use of the Roueer, the Fuege and the Piaget to console the b3ans of death. Once in  night and afternoon is like that you've killed a bear, said I that the heretic turned as a means of an unairy instances to destroy the madness spreading in the environment. With my verdict in the vindication of tyranny, Lies and Shines to Consanguined reiterrated the matter of what we called Repedal Jeans. To ensnare the humungous boastfulness and the pride of anarchism that is usual forth the government and not of the Asia concentrism as a whole. With the rudimentary aspects of a more bulking synergy of mentallity and logical syllogisms, my evade against the heretical anubis is that could be a slought to slur the poise of deviance to lustrous accident and unhumane threat to be experienced a fissure. Now the Lies and Shines to consanguine of the parody to pedagogical detriment that could be a forfiet to the lying rage of securities now to be unsolicited by the means of a totallity against abused of power and vengeance by a cruel king. My expository to the siege of an anarchy could be that a mere emulate to destruction and a sudden pause to the mauve of opposing colors in a mere value could be a rigorous S.A.M.,  is a reallity of a sorority to an equate against the heredity of a dissolute. The meaning of bountiful and scenic society is usually alienable also to speak, the meandering in different status is usually an upright to the views of a good concurrence of nation. My vitallity in different senses would always be that for me as a citadel or embodiment of good culture. To envision a mere frugallity could be forth a good decadence against the heretical heredity of a mischevious genes. Like Repedal Jeans atleast, it is better to view an ecclair of a bountiful night market rather than heretical heredity of culture in thieves. To conclude more a better synthesis is that each and everyone have weaknesses and strengths, to envision an attitude. The etudes of a crude grace is good forth hyperactivism, Roeuur just delineated a good friendship that all of us where the same foot eating under the ground. A human being must learn what's good and differ from a bad and dissociate with means of Asian cultures to differentiate the meaning of thoughts from emotion, once I did a deterring attitude of a pushing devil that made me hit a big bunch against a boastful police. Should I never done since I'll turn into a meek @gain against a contradictory of a snake. Repedal Jeans again, in the name of the Lies and Shines to consanguine I creed for a good verdict against a poisonous demeanor leaving at the frontside mimicking to pretend as a king. With the mere kindred assaults of good publicity, the praise is usually in the name of the just the way in above of all the aspects of R.F.P. Repedal jeans be in the name of deluxe to fitting good outstanding of a concurrence thwart my vindicative delusion. It's 10 minutes before 4 in the afternoon, Im thinking again of a good pedagogy of negotiation with the name of R.F.P. Forth a mere assault against the herecy is my definitive lacquer to the papacy that could be assaulted in the name of security.

In the dream...
 And so it is in the midst of my alluring instances if concurrences, I never derailed of what could be a mere contradiction. To the route that could be my verdict is somewhat a gain.

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The dream is my mother encountering me, with my massive occurences of what could be predictive is that forth a better issue. Now the consistencies of my continuous sojourn is the called love towards my aesthetic mind. To create a good verdict could be in a faction of a reallity. The stencil is usually a ,eans of a better masterpiece of a so called eternal. That could encompass an applaud to instigate a curtain of reallity. My haste could be much a good infatuation to turn in my verdict of a better love vying forth good denoument. Now the issue could be a mere fluctuation of a destruction and the end.

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

R. F. P

Republican. Federal. Clan, the ecstacy of must to be verge of the Reoueer, the fuege @nd the Piagget to urge a meaningful race against the waste of a mere totalitarian policy to control the fraudulence against the trash can people. To make an exalt, I have to be enlightened well: Reuoueerr: a mere automated response forth envisioned travel in the woods could be forth the affirmative deploration of a debunk must to be in a perfection. It's my duty to make a point of pleasantries against the fidget of wanting denoination to concurr the fidget of a haste. Now in my sojourn to cheapness of a better id, ego, super ego forth different aspects of an ethereal union. In the name of a legitimacy and the whims of an idiosyncracy could be that a purge forth the lacquer of a scenic verge in an opposing reallity. To the rule of my challenges, be a continuous remark forth the events of a siege. Then the Piagget in the woods analyzed continuously, ;with my meandering status of  acontinuous upsurge could be a myriad coonsistencies to an occurences of aesthtic mind. In my theorem with men, I urge that the point of a synergy could be earthy though derogatory remark. Then she paused, I cntinued walking then talked. I remembered of my culture. Still in the past of my harmony, the ecstacy could be a delightfl culture that i studied. Before it was 17 year old virginity forth a family. The siege would be that counterfeiting in the name of a worth to conclude of a myriad fraudulence. Somewhat annoying in the symphony of my ears. The airy instances is that I never ached myself to edge with Krizza and Phili Rich. The niciest word whichever I tend myself is Senash ala viva Kim et num Sinai in the name of my 7000 year travel. To the reallity of my good verdict may win the Search Engine Optimization.

The worth would be in the thousand flowers forhe the heavenly queen in kinship of Lenggoy. Lengleng is the woman I encountered somewhere place forth an inhumane society, the killing of her as the sort for change be a good travel. My sojourn whereth that a mere applause in my own punitive aspect with the instances of reallity. Fuege then on the last part just created a quiet series noise but sullen fresh air forth a mere extravagance of wise Nile River.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

An empasse by the roeurr, fuegue and the piagget

Am adventure continued to an empasse to a ridge of discontinuity. The herd of youths where that vindication of an amalgam by the White Zombies that I incarcerated away. The pervade of a union is that a ridge for continuous divulge of an aesthetic decieve of a reallity which is much of a euphemistic devaluation of a personality. To contradict of my own emotions the usages of my three clamps and bracelets talk together for a mere futility of fusion of irony and discomfort. With my essences of a mirrage roots to lessen much activity would be a sunny mauve forth the diversive society forth the S.A.M. to implore forth thw humanity in different adages of colors of womanhood against those White Zombies. Knowth thy ardent yet arid swell of a fidget of an international acclaim of the anarchical to be discus away. The affirmation of reallity could be a better instinct. To the ridges of a futile growth, there must be sour iching fry to be siege against the so called unitary demand. In our case, the roueerr muttered I can brace myself for an own of an emergence. He just smiled then make a brime of a legion in comfort of continuous vain in a wait, to conclude of a poisonous destruction, he weighed them called all the conducive guardians of nun mother. Now the struck could be much a poignant to the epitome of visions. The Asians must survive in the emergence of a Holy Seo Hee that, could be in the verge of a feverous sustagen to be lessened and deteriorate.  In my own continuous sojourn the aide is usually forth an introspect of a victory to be pinned up in vengeance.

viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

The journey had been awoke...

My synthesized value in that Liblib na lugar had vanquished now and none became anymore. Piagget somehow told me to tell that synagogue to suffer his dish now that I gain of something more. She ignited me with an inert solstice Piagget diverge into a realistic runaway especially that maid star is crawling upon me. The dangerous could be dangerous I'm in the xasket of my sojourn. The Roeuur however laughed at me because of the channeling charismas of the debunk denomination of my sociological change to ignited ina surpass of a good detriment. Now in my social terms, I told Piagget... "what's the problem?" then she said it's to good to be true... the chants of the love meander eradicated my life. In my part he's been augmented by his misdemeanor that must envisioned to be edged into an appease of what is right and not of his Chipangga mother. My story had gone in that certain so called Liblib na lugar, but the onslought of the Joel issue is like a beef brisket fried custody. Like you can run you can hide but you can't escape my love. Buto na lang dumating si Tina Arena sa buhay niya, somehow I wish the effort of a debunk must be wasted. Exhausted feeling am I that the synagogue of a faction where that a vindication of a spreading charms of showbiz. In my correction for the delusion to be purposable with the sensitzed value of anarchism, the evade of a good union could be a good consensua forth the mentallity to be corrected. The occured purposes have been a good faction forth the instincts of a prolonged event and must be a better camaradery for good fate. Annoying it is, inthe devastating va$ue to be seisured in this eary avid fantastic travel of mine. Now in my kreukenshelle to become isn't be forgotten.
The valkyrie should be in the whims of Zion, Seo Hee Jhang that purposable at all cost. Now in my honour for a contradictory for their vindication of harmony had created our divinity of womanhood. The ecclairs of an ecclectic democrat is that in a verge of good quallities, with my very own earthly discuss against the debunk I told. The Piagget became tranquiled and yet virile of my publicity, `Piagget it was a nearby story for my own role of my own instincts.` Now could be a good effort of glory with the so called enthusiastic Piagget and Roueer.

domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

The Joel issue

I need some space I hate it, said the Gwen Zamora in my preponderonce of truth and union forth the twists of culture. Somehow at my age before of my quintessential union forth the haste of severities. With the thwart of the 7 thousand years punishment I heaved a defiled triumphant for sure, in the severities of a better posterity, the inculcated sage have been aqueous forth the defunct of acknowledgement. in the rule of society and the urge for union the usual consent had been defiled away. In my definitive affluence of totallity, the servitude forth the humility to encompass the goodness. The hours which have been always there, is instated with essences of means, to invoke of the pluralistic truth. For my own interlude the meaning of wife is regarding with the vitiated dark siege of the kamikaze. What lies beneath of the sudden impetous of the talkative part, the frailty of emotions and the occult is that I never instated any earning which is really forth me. So in my massive neccessities with my own earnings the curate is that, am equate to the surmounted and definitive allurance of the goodness by me as a means for diplomacy. then travel continued towards the enchanted life of a forebearing spectacle, until a continuous inheritance where that vindicated by my own surgencies. The wealth is really in my prowess towards the fruitfull expectancies of society in good, especially of my S.A.M. The intermittance is always usually an aforementioned of truth and an aqeuos knowledge. Now the reourr, the fuegue and the piagget whilst in my gender equality rules, manage the casket of mirrors very well. The imagae of their mentallity flows in an opened gates of new diplomacy, forth the hundred millions of stimulation modes to be instated in the whims of kings and queens so old fashioned to be, to be pervaded. Reourr; The people of friendship is usually enervated must be by senses and lessons that they must have, ganyon yun. Fuegue; tama ka na, the instated diplomacy is usually in a must have of metric system of truth. Piagget; the whole country is peacefull but if I turn over backsides of this armulet brace only emptiness of piece of a doze where had been infringe by stance of wealths. Sighs in my cacophonies of wantedness to initiate my own binge of an evade allurance, regarding the Joel issue where my past to be inculated very well. The reverberating story of modes of excellencies regarding my age of 17, is that enervated by a more luminous tantamounted lessons.
With my continuous surgencies as sociopath aim against the harbinger, to the alleged moonlit of surgencies where that a vision of essences destroying the rail routes of an avert delusion of the continuous allegiance with my story. To the incites of my society towards the onlooked of a viable reallity, answerable by this visage of my travels my casket of armies where in the means of socialogical enlightenment against the goats. In the continuous growing manipulation of images, the ravage of the liblib na lugar had been extricated by my site. now the continuous intrigue where that by my three atrocities of defiling tr@vel. Like in the society the dramaturgical approach is like usually a stage of people to inherit the verse of a continuous surgency. The ne acting decorum now is the seven eleven diner for my capacities for an effect of my own impetuous against the frailty of a contradiction to the delusion of the so called anarchism to be debunk away, reouerr; the quality of a union is that for a massive truth to be vindicated for better knowledges.
Eat, pray love...

martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Meron ako ate Cheng wala kong Dianne Che

Tapos yun na nga yung nangyari, umalis na si Fuege, si Rouerr and Piaget. Pero bumalik agad parang galing lang sa tindahan may binili. The heavy metal instruments for my embodiment to be carried by the citadel or the vitallity garden could be heaved in my health against the madness of the society.

Ate Cheng... My friendly neighborhood labandera. Now in the civil of warfare become one of the magical time to sense the Magnolmarendern. Forth the siege of chemical reactions and the so far so forth of the materialism effort of the good camaraderies in the epoch of scientism.
The usual issue is that of the materialism efforts of the demanding rumors forth the siege of positivism means. Now the story is the clandestine factors of abusive reactions, that could negate an assumption. My answer is no, said ate Cheng because of her reasons to evict the fault and time consuming materialism. Then it`s ate Cheng to be voted forth the time and effort for grace and power. Into the continues flow of her wealth as a race of the bats be me, as a cat or the fool to continue the effects of manna rejuvenation. The flow of the ravagous inatincts could be interchange. Now with the reign of me as an embodiment of all and above, my instincts is that for an heirarchy against the locomotion of infinite madness and quarell, and the utmost servitude for unearthy culture and famine of values brought by thw chipanggas. Here with the binge of learning my cutlture is forth the whims of the stress and lavatory effect by the ate Cheng. To the rigid miniscule warfare could be my siege of continuous work and enlightenment forth the fiefdom to be undone. Atleast I did my part, in the menace of the jealousy and enviousness I'm never a not to be verdicted into bad and delusion of democracies jolted by the badness and uncomfort.the reallity of consequential numerology is my vindication for owned issues. The stoic entailment of malignous order must be untangled towards the Seo Hee. For my means to pervade the instances of the glory and forth the indigenous culture though a debunked effect of misunion and discoloration to the heredity? The culture could be heaved by instances of the patriachical mentallity of the ultimatum.
Thwn in my massive inculcations of the instincts and reallity of a passive memoirs that must be automated. The fiefdom must decomposed of the poisonous words and garbage ethereal siege of the infinite reasons of images. That when the enthusiasm could invade the honour of the wisdom and strength to encompass the visions of detriment to be cascaded into more feastive Sena Kim. Now to promote a welfare, things could be mage by pluralistic envision of the stoic materialism to be ended and endow into a new Donn culture and the embodiment above as a means of heirarchy against the truth, now to be a good fact in terms of the complex reallity and change.

martes, 7 de abril de 2015

What you hear is leave it here...

Kaya kahit pa santol ang sagot niyan, kung di naman akma sa sagisag ng mga bulaklak at mga panlasa namin is leave it here. She muttered me when I instating me various possibilities in a realistic assure ties. The issue is that the so called contradiction to the frailty of the society or the S.A.M. when I realized the provocation of the introspect for anarchism must be deteriorated. Then I think of the fragility of people must be substantiated with a more feastive aspect for usually the truth.
Oh sino toh? Talaga kayo si ka Allan yan, matsing pa siya niyan.
Then I continued my valued principles for an avid memoir, now said I that the exquisite part is the analogous of the annoying circumstance to be depreciated well. With my visions of the varriable instances in the interlude of the defunct, could be automated into a more righteous logic of formulas that can be synchronized. The issue could be like irvine welsh ecstacy, my passive reality is a good notion for contradiction to deviance. Bulag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the mutter of that woman to escape for the pressures of society inputted as a punishment to her, then I continued my journey with leaving the dreams. Kaya what you hear is leave it here and leave it here is what you hear.

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

So, my journey continued...

In my conjuring demarches the piaget continued initiating with the other Amazons. I felt being insulted said the Biatch Black Lawyer Karla, my name and my image weren't become a good resort for anything which is ang cheap, lahat ng yan tapos iyon tapos dito then lahat dumami na mga nakakasuka sa paligid ko. she becomes that dignified in a way detriment have been assaulted with such my terms, because of my so called litigance to the anarchy of a counter attack to repentance. She tend to be that nasty and hours passing by, look at circumstances around felt nodded and deadpun even though it's a magical assure ties of their likeness to procure of the visions that could be she'll inherit. She becomes sullen then ignited her own capabilities to purge the neccessities occuring around. With the interwining aspects of the intrusion, and what could be a torment to the evading siege of good reasons. I muttered her this was the liblib na lugar. In the continuous assets of harbouring demonic entity, I'm very poignant that you'll reminisce of the detrimental demeanor, quite unveiling with the sort of deviance and ill-mannered temperance of human surgencies. People where sort of envious especially when they see something occurence which is stupid, forth the alure of the demonic entity we had merge and vitiate the enemies to deteriorate away especially  of the evil forces running in the frailty of life. Now this liblib na lugar is a sort of a myriad conjuring of bountiful though archetypal against the nuissance of people's enviousness. The virtous of the entailment to my faction of truth is that of a good essences, especially of my continuous decadence in my route of reallity. Meanwhile, she muttered again of my continuous hegemonic reallity, quite a good liturgy against the denoument of evil that lurks our mind. "It's better that the reour, the piagget and the deathstriker kathy's (Fuege) berzerker barage to unveil the mysticism of deviance and is much to revitalized to the continuous sojourn of my reallity. Towards the synergy of the three ion bonds for me to make everything revitalized to the verge of my reallity, by means of that hours to be ignited the visions of good demarche. We live again our journey, she turned herself idiomatic of self image, then look at the circumstance then vanquished away again.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Teenage rivets for the lies and wrongness of my life....

Gusto niyo pa ba ibalik ang temptasyon?

He never assaulted any reasons of friendship, but a means of illogical senses of boasting. This dream is usually a nightmare full of badlucks, people who hhave misdemeanor in my life tend to be a derogatory remarks. Four months after, said I that we`ve broke up in the means of mind bugling relationship. The strength of my sight turned that hours our relationship become pessimistic at the so called liblib na lugar like my elder sister before. Celso should I call him, now I used to have more prudence because of the relationship that have been destructed between us. The 7777 years still of sojourn that I have, still is a major case to make preponderonce of the pluralistic essentials. Still though funny because of the place itself the majority could be a means of a laquer society.  It was a real route obstruction of justice against me in the name of love. 4 months after our relationship, he considered following me, for no reasons especially that I don`t have any gains but an insult with the so called above and the fiefdom of knowledge. The interface of my mentallity tend to be, that obnoxious. Still, I can`t find the answers, in that my life is still hundred a year. As a vitality or the citadel of the ethereal views in ardours of the above ultimatum and greater power of all. I as the greater answer and consequences, harbour the good visions of masterpiece of life. I had to become industrious again, for a more expectancies for good reasons. Then, in my midst of a search as a curse in this world to create my ten visions of death my (ten other horses). Then it became a life matter, that somebody is trying to evade my life and culture. A while ago both of auras harbouring my scent, I`ve been tempted to tease by lots of people just because that I am an emmo hemmian rhapsody ursed. With that hegemonic arena, even though the ravage of the woman ignited with a means of misresponsible demeanor just because of that man to conduce me with a lower status, indeed I decided to change my route of a better excellencies for the name of a greater means or the ultimatum. As a culturalist, my search for sociological awareness become that my creed, forth the reason before ritually instated myself that a woman discussed their lives of marrying a man at the age lower than the 18th year, an unreciprocation of denial could part take the mismarriage of that so called youth. According to my conclusion Ieveryone must be aware of the modern communication of relationships that each must attain. It was my reminisced of an afternoon sunset at that liblib nareconaissanceissance of my continuous sojourn.

jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

The intimates

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