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martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Meron ako ate Cheng wala kong Dianne Che

Tapos yun na nga yung nangyari, umalis na si Fuege, si Rouerr and Piaget. Pero bumalik agad parang galing lang sa tindahan may binili. The heavy metal instruments for my embodiment to be carried by the citadel or the vitallity garden could be heaved in my health against the madness of the society.

Ate Cheng... My friendly neighborhood labandera. Now in the civil of warfare become one of the magical time to sense the Magnolmarendern. Forth the siege of chemical reactions and the so far so forth of the materialism effort of the good camaraderies in the epoch of scientism.
The usual issue is that of the materialism efforts of the demanding rumors forth the siege of positivism means. Now the story is the clandestine factors of abusive reactions, that could negate an assumption. My answer is no, said ate Cheng because of her reasons to evict the fault and time consuming materialism. Then it`s ate Cheng to be voted forth the time and effort for grace and power. Into the continues flow of her wealth as a race of the bats be me, as a cat or the fool to continue the effects of manna rejuvenation. The flow of the ravagous inatincts could be interchange. Now with the reign of me as an embodiment of all and above, my instincts is that for an heirarchy against the locomotion of infinite madness and quarell, and the utmost servitude for unearthy culture and famine of values brought by thw chipanggas. Here with the binge of learning my cutlture is forth the whims of the stress and lavatory effect by the ate Cheng. To the rigid miniscule warfare could be my siege of continuous work and enlightenment forth the fiefdom to be undone. Atleast I did my part, in the menace of the jealousy and enviousness I'm never a not to be verdicted into bad and delusion of democracies jolted by the badness and uncomfort.the reallity of consequential numerology is my vindication for owned issues. The stoic entailment of malignous order must be untangled towards the Seo Hee. For my means to pervade the instances of the glory and forth the indigenous culture though a debunked effect of misunion and discoloration to the heredity? The culture could be heaved by instances of the patriachical mentallity of the ultimatum.
Thwn in my massive inculcations of the instincts and reallity of a passive memoirs that must be automated. The fiefdom must decomposed of the poisonous words and garbage ethereal siege of the infinite reasons of images. That when the enthusiasm could invade the honour of the wisdom and strength to encompass the visions of detriment to be cascaded into more feastive Sena Kim. Now to promote a welfare, things could be mage by pluralistic envision of the stoic materialism to be ended and endow into a new Donn culture and the embodiment above as a means of heirarchy against the truth, now to be a good fact in terms of the complex reallity and change.

martes, 7 de abril de 2015

What you hear is leave it here...

Kaya kahit pa santol ang sagot niyan, kung di naman akma sa sagisag ng mga bulaklak at mga panlasa namin is leave it here. She muttered me when I instating me various possibilities in a realistic assure ties. The issue is that the so called contradiction to the frailty of the society or the S.A.M. when I realized the provocation of the introspect for anarchism must be deteriorated. Then I think of the fragility of people must be substantiated with a more feastive aspect for usually the truth.
Oh sino toh? Talaga kayo si ka Allan yan, matsing pa siya niyan.
Then I continued my valued principles for an avid memoir, now said I that the exquisite part is the analogous of the annoying circumstance to be depreciated well. With my visions of the varriable instances in the interlude of the defunct, could be automated into a more righteous logic of formulas that can be synchronized. The issue could be like irvine welsh ecstacy, my passive reality is a good notion for contradiction to deviance. Bulag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the mutter of that woman to escape for the pressures of society inputted as a punishment to her, then I continued my journey with leaving the dreams. Kaya what you hear is leave it here and leave it here is what you hear.