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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

That's traditional...

From the most inherited and meaningful femminism, quite a matter of a mere excellence onwards the mere solution for good probabilities. Against the reality of a coaelsced nature of everything that could be a reality, more factual as it is, there could become a memory from the reality of righteousness for an overture. Everything is much of a fault when there's a mere opinionated from a taste of sweetness indulge of an against to the heresy. The mere everything could be indulge the more acqeuous forth a better mentallity of a surge. Sighs... after coughing allegedly with the instances, that I saw a mere fault by a ricocheted truth the far more assault against by the factions in the things. That usually @sserted by much of a result. Everything is a conclusive studies for the reality, to become an against to the frailty of emotions, there may be a tend for a mere assault of a realistic endearments of the so called society. Every human being is created with dignity... much of it the siege of the so called anarchy is archetypal from what is an ecclair in the union of real enlightenment. I impted once at the good means towards the other Amazons, from the visions that I used to be at usual Moments. The creed that I'm dealing my life is totally in a state of a frail emotions, the more everything could unfurl the issue. The more things could explicate of the so called society. 

It's a concoction of an exuberant culture though traditional, through the means of an emmancipation the different emotions in a society could be enough for an unwinding pinnacles. So much for it the emotions that couldn't be undone, the pluralistic consequences is much that viable for all at a cause. Against the proliferation of theories and laws, especially of the principles for an against through the delirium of the sugencies proper to the unlimited knowledge of a more kindred society. It's all for an hour of a leveling theories for the better aspect of a triumphant sure. For more of a scenic moment, it's quite that an implore of a new sociological society for a stuff crust pizza. Thess hours, my frail emotions and demeanor that causes by the phantom or the difficulty giver becomes more affiliated with frighr because of his prowess and power to destruct. Especially of his utilization of the evil swan, a poison and a snake to indulge of fetish attitude or a contraband to a fetch. The Fuege or the last means of the can become a visualized inheritance of the reality of good causes. Now is the time...

miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

Dog speak...

Push down... in an inheritance of the Amazons against the parcel tongues of no humor but a huffy sensation dog speak. M&M's M&M's, M&M's!!!!!!!!! With the nature of fluid viscosity and the acheivements of the greater Farenheit before that we've interwined in the autonomy of an egalitarian role. Adia na! Adia na! Adia na sia! The meaningful essences of a detour against the peppermint of the snow coned interdiaciplinary studies. The visions of a concise myriad mutter wherefore the issues of a synthesized encipher of union and pluralistic epitome of a surge for duly representative vitality garden forth the heave of an exuding armaments. The vital could be extrinsic forth the armaments of a clandestine notion in the citadel of union. The extravagant wherefore the crude of nature. The ironical is an against to the bereft of the verge of the union in the means of only an ammicable relationship without any good fate. The diverse significance of diplomatical relations against the friendly relations is that the airy obstacles and ruly nature of diplomacy have from the grounds of friendly relations that only an intimacy may delve either a sense of courtship and endowment of honour of love. It's a real dog speak in the camaradery of occult forth the extravagance of the good nation. From the penitence of the sentiments that could an owe to most would be a route of just an allegiance. To be mustn't in the reality a surge forth the meaning of enamors and endearments couldn't be a means of antagonism. With the liabilities pf e@ch people, the bark more against the emmanents of the more lucrative effort it could. From the logarithmic union and an applause, would be for me a means of the airy instances with the figurative touch. A mathematical conclusion must be for a formula of the reality. What could be more feastive is that forth the more analyses thst can be a good sort for a problem solving.

martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014


In scope of allegiance and nature of acqeuos penitence towards the myriad occult. I surge that many more a prim of decadence would be, forth the heredity of the unions and what could be a submissive urge for enciphering decadence. The indulgence of the ironical results is that what should the Beans created against the pessimistic proposals of the goats either the White Zombies. In the armistice of Piagget and Roeur there may become a more factual endearments of an opposite to the delirium of the enemy. Meanwhile whilst in my sudden appease of rest lots of enemies detract my intuitions and my strengths until death, but the adventure never become an ambigous affirmation to the congruent means of the brotherhood. In an instances of rituals, what is perching cruelty that may negate of the human touch. With the savor that can be a truth. Everything could be must have, atleast I can hear either touch of the sense which is harmful with me and the man in my sight. My mentallity is enamored usually. She just extricated and created a whims of death, beans turned into a creed of a frightener wherein there the frame of mind never debunked but delve forth the procurements of the real subject of reign and truth. It's with the heresy if most would become with the huntsman and me, so in the longevity of my carelessness that I forgot the realistic motiff of the huntsman whilst gone so far. A refreshing moments that I must have with this envisioned truth, far it is that I'm always concern is that, I don't have to be factual with what is realistically for me. Don't have to go back anymore a the woods but somehow... I search of something more. (The liblib na lugar), she just smiled either knarled look at the Roeur as the other part of my armband. It's with the creed of death to implore in this union of papacy that there may not have any coaelsces to the White Zombies and The Goats, supposedly you where dying but somehow my every flavored beans kept you alive against the stenches of destruction especially of the evil sisters. It's a mere notion that I'm here, muttered the Beans. Atleast we've avert ourselves against the vengeance of the evil misphits, this is no ordinary story humor of you now that you will be nearly crowned as Hael. "Why Hael?" I ask her looking at Piaget and the meaningful worth of the so called Roeur. It's more of our work, with this instincts that I may creed against the before life, now that I am in the essences of the ridges that may be a meaningful Diplomatic detour either a Nancy Drew story. Through the worth of Conan Doyle, I'm always in the image of victorious though much childhood like in the despise of youth. Now the joirney continued in the next penitence of a mere beautiful fairytale that everyone must have. Once I've met a newbie named Ana, that created a sensical ethereal motion of what can I had to have in this most union towards enchated life. Owe the next beggining of a theory muttered the allegiance of the massive union with the sort of my dreams, that one day be with a creed of good demanor that all I have since of my ethnicity.

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

The Fuege, the Roeur and the Piagget

                                               Ugly memoirs...

Onwards the navigation my tank tops and anklets, they where signs of pluralistic beauty. Intimacies for roeur, emo for fuege and the clothes and passion for the Piaget, it's a realistic coaelsces for the memoirs and the intellects that I may create as a means of a tribute to the life and struck to embelish the game which is a nightmare against the White Zombies and the goats. It'S more of a consequencial heirarchy of the real challenge. But as a mediocrity person I'm much of a signage for proof of what can be a twist for the enervating derailment against the victory of a feigned anarchy. The conclusion mist always be terminated, synchronized arm dealings for an against to the scheduled tasks and more of a sudden. A mobility to the capacities what they three can give me as a means of good tributes to the endearing maximization of the virile denouments. Now I become much more intellectual that the scene where of my views that P.U.G.'s where sort of envious against me why nocturnally speaking that the meanderiong highlights wherefore inculcation of the four sets of society. It was an approved demarches against the assaults that the ultimatum may create a reasons for practicallity and what is for the veneration of the surgencies of things that I may become consistent for the options pf wpro and labor. The tendency of the karmas which can be nutritive ion the iron ore and the three mazkovits, can become a good sort of complaicancies. It's always can be an issue with the harbours of delingquencies and an against the cheapness of the Chipanggas and the goats. Somehow... I'm still alive the detriments can be securing or the annihilation of detergent and sour poisoning of the twists of the malign odours. With the contagencies of the good grooming and the perfect culture that we may had to have for the contniuous life. Hope we created a good memorandum Ms. Piaget, it's a nuptial of what is a real perfect culture for most. Kemelatek na lang...

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

The reality...

It was a scenic moment in my life when my dreams turned an aforementioned with perfect beings. From the prefect of a beautiful fauvism views I realized, I love images likes significance of a various dimmensions. It show delicious divine society, I don't have to be very studious student, from a team of a people who coincide with different terms. In the luck of proprietorship, once I can be in the midst of a delingquent emotions. When you say, the answer is Krizza then it's Seo. To the rollicking embodiments of a flavorful and tasty sweets and pastries the voyage would always be for the essential tasks. I stimulate the temperaments of a derogatory remark, with quirks of positivism, people may be enthusiastic of a better and the best for the reality. My voyage becomes for the name of the beautiful helmet still my memory always endow an against to the morbid illusions of the feigned  graces. This was a realistic enchantment of a pry. The prowling crudes in against the threat of a venom becomes nothing to illucidate against me. With the aide of the iron loght voyage de sage their may be a dignified democracy in the so called reality. I'm superb of the nonchallance the hypocricy interlude these hours. For the venerated aspects in this momentum of an ultimate route. The truth in the issue that I'm being now is a better and quintessential memoirs. With the infinity of signs for a better fauvist image, the logic is the truth of what I am as a being now. This voyage is quite a reality for the severity of cruel nature. I remember how I become victim turned into the most happiest person in the reality of the wisdom and the essential trends of the issues harbouring me around. The lucrative is a mustn't but the life of frailty turned into a work for the ultimate one, somehow I turned luckier especially if I found out the truth. The helmet of beauty meanwhile gone away whilst in my securities, my pleasure is for the creativity of an against to the tremendous anthipathethic society. I'm not that a man to prelude the wrongs and the kabaduyan of the filipinos either the stupid idiot chipanggas. Why? because the realistic concern is my victory against them, with the experiences of a diluted person for the stoic of assaults to the creed of demeanor. I will never account myself to the people of no etiquttes because I'm of a pretty culture with eccentricities of intelligence to abide the ridges of a reality. Towards the pluralistic visage of care and harmony, I jived of a better confirmities of the excellencies I renounced everything that atleast I'm a person of creed for visions of better consolement in my fringe of harmonies. This is an all time figurative of a good sentiment, the locomotion of glory would be for the unlimited answers and consequences that I may gave as a gift for all.

martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Qwerty mode

When you say temple of venom what come's after you'r minds, then it is a fusion of delusion or ailment in a society that should'nt be in the reality. Anarchism is a type of if statement in the growth manhood that can be earthly though nostalgic. It's an immediate causes of beauty to the numerical lure of technologies. When I'm always a present, then there's a spoiled one. From the breathe of ironies there's always an against to the fragrance of selfish semantics, atleast the destruction pf the mad and bad have gone. With the leading wind of chimes of Ziyi the theory turned developed in the midst of intelligence to the neccessities of a good foundation of knowledge. From the harmonies the better gains, there's always an optimistical manhood for the terms of femminism with mu strength to implore a good harvest for the locomotions of a satiric history to the reincarnation of what is the so called beauty and truth. Whilst in my naive personalitu there's a frailty of entertainment, more of my experiences becomes a nausea against the envious one. For me, what's more apprehensive is my colloquial definitions for what is for the good terms. In my emminence in thise world, still I wish the ultimatum is always redundant even in the continuous processes of my progression. Once a man had gave me an advice, that a wealth shouldn't be turned frustrated in my hands theoretically with my frugality of what I have in this truth. The locomotion versus the informations is a vehemence in the sight of the reality. Two coinciding sides had become an err, in the nature of a stoic and poisonous environment the harbours of the dreams in my mind turned annecdotal which is a real misdemeanor. For the silverspoon of the esque pf Asia or the Seoul Korea of a fortunate woman in old Batangas, the competition never frails with the harmonies of bountiful rest. Why Qwerty? Maybe because something reminds me of the past of a man indulge with pessimism of anarchy turned piracy. For the issues of a man in masculine touch with many women around the superbial twists of bad luck in this world. When in Germany? When in Spain? For the infinity of nature the prospects of a heave is already noted a means of a pluralistic demeanor of goodness in the sight of the ultimatum. For the intwlligence and craft of formation, in the lead roles of a subpoena of the roles of a cathasthropic notion. May the securities amongst all til the superbia of nature and accomplished tasks be a means of wealth. These is a qwerty mode of hours in thw latest Asia, now with the wealth of ardours be me, as a mediocrity to the worth of victory.

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Ala-king to the mode excellencies of a hippon kebab theory...

The asia minor is a one of the things I can say candid when dealing with culture and progress of a good vendetta. Meanwhile, I recognize how Piolo love's Shaina much in the anarchism of good theories. With the issues of the people I've entertained to the heredities of nature, the excellencies of the good. Would always be in touch of being me as a human of a mediocrity in terms of cooking and dish of nice touches. The promotion of anti-adversities, the lineage of health amd security for feastive emotions. My italian hippon kebab for delicious meal is that for the beauty of silver spoon, as the minds and the deviances of society turned. The ricocheting rollick of meals may be in an essential terms for the league of evil security, the master snakes. I've encountered the limitations that can be used in the essences of the good culture abode, in the mounds of liberation. Still my good spices of dish turned nothing because of they called anti-frogmentational bomb created by the feigned and the bad of diverse point of views. Atleast the deterring aspects of an illumined nature in the summoned bespectackled delusions. The tardiness of the dues with undermining derailed truth. When the massive danger became a lute to the people, there I the consultancies of mediocrity become a knowledge at all. Still in my visions of against the holocausts that debunk the ill-nature of the feigned and the canopies of madness. When issues where under the bereft controls of thw wicked, only the mediocrities will survive (Dianalyn G. Dayal, Dayal Dianalyn G.). Mostly it's her issue when I submerge of the means as a protagonist of the upsurge in the reality of future. Still in my righteous cavern, be for real. Those with the gains of banisters in the striving esque, let me be the human of a nature means. Hala sige bili 2x hippon kebab, italian lang toh...

miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Ycaciano how are you?

The moffats, cindy crawford and Taylor Hanson once when I muttered that people may go crazy if I should say that there's a man who had payment dues towards me and my family. The debunk moments of the alleged responsibility must be security. Supposedly I must be in an inherited terms of natural issues towards culture. The ethereal sage of an endearment in the long terms of the things that must be in my life, the dues to be worked for my worth is a realistic whims for my deploring responsibilities. Everything should be in a good route once that I've cherrished an olive green team basketball player during my elementary years at France. It was a very dark childhood past of my full hours of bad experiences with a man who becomes an Ycasiano from bad to split personality of good. The madness of thoughts against my uneasy life towards relationship, turned a gamer because of Ycasiano. Life is much a treasure of an aura of antiquity. I thought I am a reason to belove and be loved, but it was like an issue of a harbouring sensation being a human to experience a boyfriend dream during my sleep night tight. The consensus of my international and above delight S.A.M is a very consequential one in terms of returning additional matters. For the upheaving silver spoon of antiquity that I may gain. There would be a must have, once I've experienced a more quintessential terms for a very long lived odors against the man who jested me away. Shall I say, from much pieces of experiences that I've gained, there where a God thee him that should be a promisory apology.  With the strength that I've gained before, in the reasons of familiarity everytime that I've gained a dream is always for my psychological sympathy. the essence should be a sociological heirarchy for a very anarchical, archetypal orders for leveling myself with them. Nakatakot tuloy pag sinabing naging isa ka sa mga nakagawa nun, the beg of decadence could be more scented when I give thoughts from everything. Ycasiano becomes one of the starts, the hypocricy isn't good anymore if a better heritage could be enervated. Once I'm in the beauty of the mere reality of labor and common good, then why is it can be with a better reality? There where lots of detriments but there's always a mirror of reflections to see everything in the past. Lot's of it where my dreams before, with the essence of truth the love story of us where already a light and happiness of my mediocre tragic past.

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

The rudiments

Magkamukha kami noh... siya ka, magsasamsam lang ako ng sinampay...

If the statement is much essential of my sort, the rudiment is only for the peoplo of alienated acknowledgement to savor of their securities. For the graft and corruption sociological warfares, materialism wouldn’t be a progress. For the future sensations of my wary perfection, for the proper and the mileau of race against racial discrimination towards presence what is to be oblige by the the things which is neglected away. The ignorance from the past may become asaulted away thats why for the destruction of the anti-mass would be that perfect, in the strudge of the so called mad and the bad. The emotions is that a denoument to the pluralistic visions to pervade of the reality. Agains the motions of too much wealth, in reality there must always be a mere intelligence in the next prospects of attitude against the worst scenarios of continuous change. The status quo of my demeanor may turn into a paradigm of returning added society. The promulgated welfare that I mostly eer in the cathasthropes in my sort where that for my own lineage in my decadence of real life part for an owned happiness. The essences of future is alway hence in the destruction of a lavish, much, exuberant, detrimental means of a prodigy and the lacquer of exemplaries by most women in an endangered society. Once my views about women where for alms of a repertoir visions towards the probability of the victory. Against the huffy sensations and the threat against women may turn into a ridge of fortune. Against the minunitive growth of economy, only the heresies can implant a feigned wealth of resources that must be divulge away. How quite legal in everything that I must have with the tranquility of an environmental snakes onwards the havocs of a dislodge one. The remedies can’t always be define. The deluring fringe of a systematized consensus of a lyre in the happiness of an impromptu. The better of the issues where lack away which is beauty of charisma, when in the concluding phenomenon a wealthy culture may provide of the alleged intelligence. What would be the rudiments next? Anetchy na ang beauty o belleza sa mga todos los santos na chapter?

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

The Kreuk...

In a worthwhile of the harbouring manoir, in my life together with the ironlight voyage de sage; the magnate of all fashions tend to be equalized by the meaning of my name, running my own errands for future anti-Custodies. Whilst in my sojourn together with the amazons. I allegedly mantled with them. The apollogetical anne therese turned to be acquired by me. In the means of a rejuvinating name. There used to came the problems for my proper security. In which I pervade that I have better experiences though not known rather than thos of old ages. I have the well known similarities from fortune and quintessential personality, idiosyncratic used to be with my conglomerates. In a black propaganda visions, once I've muttered with Ironlight voyage de sage that there may acquire of the so called Magne and Donn story like Charlemagne and Magnolia. For better dreams and manuals in the minarets of travels through the means of humility. Anne Therese quitely mentioned pf her so called being in a better remedies against the err and errors, the beauty and the proper with the mediocre emotions that I'm casting in my life. Future may solute of the acquiantances that I may have in my life being a mediocre type of human beinf in this so called arena. Once I'Ve created a better vyes against the hypocrycis of an old mage who decipher my name as a nation of all nations, the no beginning at all pf nations and the real life protagonist against the karmas of simple juxtaposed person who just know is to still and termed as a snake and theif of beautifulnthings and treasure around. I don't want to become a young anymore. Because of the bonjoures of my ecclectical savors, still I am that a mediocre person who contradicted people of too much moral. Just in the all knowings of a renowned proper culture. The sociological appraoch may become a designated beauty in my route of excellencies. With this, in the wooda where lots of the amazons get back to there own citadels I turned commited with my soldiers left. Last timw that I gave the bracelts to Pam Mondelo, I've already enjoyed with a more provoke things thar always bloggers and ordinary writers may turn victory against the feigned fortune. It's a real life pesche moda...

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

Greatest common factor...

                                  Oooooooppppssss... sorry ;)

And the winner is... realto, the moment of truth in the alleged Mikhail Gorbachev towards the tremendous vision of issues and the route of real life pursuits. Because of my own journey to avoid the answers rollicking onwards my life sentiments. Once I've meandered the coaelsce of issues to fringe the whole esque of what is not right, atleast I've never claimed of the renowned production in the minarets of society, the claims maybe the full strength of what I said of against the business minders in my real life situation of pluralistic probabilities that, may provide of the diseases spreading around the anarchies of cruelty. The unlawfull means of what is poisonous in the past, the rule of grammar. Once it had been degraded of a certain fault, hereafter it made me concluded of the emmancipations in what can I derail in my life for a more appreciated essences in the strength of the good, the challenge, the better, the best and the mediocre. In that, they may tend to be  good schools of thaught once the telephone engineering maja have muttered me of the senses that I may had to have. When I meandered of the covets above, I may say that everything can be considered as analytical with the strengths of maja, the karla, masiglat and the babywhatever bati. Witness melrose when I experienced the war damaging emotions in my life against the heresies of the platonic means of the visions for the greatness of all. When most of everything got envied, then it means of the superlative that I'd become of the the past. When I debunk of myself, the visions were against the madness of charms until my flavors where that always a means of seige, of the spectrum ridges, of myself to pervade of the archetypal matters in my own strength. Of the catasthropes, that I've experienced in my life is the most unwealthy struggles that I may have for the continuous years to come. Behaviour would be behaviour, but my society above and the land would be SAM colours of Seo. In the better of status and life standards with my friend from past up to now were always a must have with essences of the real being of the righteousness. Echusa na lang sa kemelatek kong fever na fez with matching anti-Paquito Diaz na life.

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

The founding of Inertia

Golds and bronze anything which can't devaluate enlightenment but atleast develop a more communicable issue for a better of reality. In terms of consequences things may become incarnated, I told myself during my reluctance against the madness of society. Everyone may live with me as an  epitome of a better claim against the fissures of feign fortune for a better instances. The route to a more feastive thing, I said myself with the magic word of the woman whom I called Inertia or the chest of my superb reality. She just acted as a never been derailment with my instance to dethrone the enhanced culture of popularity in terms of wisdom and resemblance of humor. What's more justifiable is how I could navigate the pieces of books in the wordy Albins who may acknowledge of the vicidus harmony in the magistrate that I called as one to honour one day becoming the curtail of intimacy in enlightenment and perceptions. Then I started to think again how to empower evertything against the goats and the White Zombies amplifying the ecclectic forces of neutrality. Through the means of my continuous journey everything seemed to be my nth hours against the heretical disorder of the mass and on the other side, the conscience of society. She never instigated of everything but at least in my rendevouz with her, I can say at least I give her the repertoir of making agenda with millioners of anarchy.  The synthesis may always be a synthesis towards sovereignty  of our affirmative consensus of congregation  towards womanhood, only stupid people may give derogatory remarks. She's inertia or a woman to become a good wealth or signs of beauty. In my part things may be difficult the hours of enhancing ourselves, especially against the utilization of monarchy by superb materialism. The route is always a route for never ending journey amongst the liberated population and society. She never opt me either sensed the punitive cosas in behaviours of the environment. Meanwhile...
A sign of poisonous charm ricocheted in my mentallity. But said myself, it's a vehement destruction action to incorporate against me but things become tighter when Inertia told me to use a magical gelatin on hundred million number of goats enemy. Reasons of popularity is always an answer for them, but I think some of them like a demon elf either night elf to conclude of darkness in the woods. Meanwhile a blessed moon that I render as a remedy that I called Larvae to meet that woman of oldness that I siege for most of my life, I had unwaver against the materialism of the beauty as a power to reign the madness of society. After a long reminisce along myself in the tower of  Piza he compensated me for a frivolous virtue I can say, the voice of coldness and affection I said myself which is a sudden destruction against me especially that he knows much of my capacity then muttered myself , hope the master of the clan may enuciate to secure me in the joy that I said myself that's why it must be a society may had to cherished the  empowerment of society.

Then she muttered at least I've used my energy to help you I'm Inertia...

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

X Files


And so it happen in my nth hours that people tend to be punitive of the madness of society, it's my enchanted life giving another strength with the last 2 bracelets with my intimacy named Rales and Gloria. In my passive opportunity there where more quintessential beings which enhanced a more profitable space of learning in my decadence of dealing with the only one Difficulty giver. Giving me of all the strengths to develop a synthesized goal towards seek of a creed with most of sayings "I told them it's a vendetta for the three of you. Three of them nothing explained but made themselves imbibe of what they interlude with deterring aspects though not show views of reciprocity in the so called enlightenment. In the punitive hours to conclude of a bountiful journey, there's always only one strength, I mean another strength that I can attach for a mustn't seclusion in a more reality though morbid instinct to envisioned. In the name of a so called destruction it's just a good principle to give karma against them and of amongst the mass to pursue of the stench turning into a myriad culture. What's more ecclectical is everything I seemed beautiful though synthetic and hypocratical in the visions of enlightenment and development of a more bountiful creed. Against the oligarchy and harass heretical order I observed, now continued in the siege and catapults of a fiefdom they had. Things may become represented in terms of a wholly instances. What I see is a not imaginable either impossible to see if there's a will in a more stronger answers. There's a pure ricocheted and maligned disorder which is not a good interlude and is a feigned democracy which most of them where untangling for a million worth of destruction. Even  though my family become a consanguined of a disorder in the so called definitive madness of what was happening in the enlightenment. They just smiled at me and give a more consensus in my long term seeking to the so called ecclectical answers. I never forbid I believe because of the entity that devaluates the senseless people wanting to mismanage tasks and is not a good involvement to the heresy underlying upon the severe symptoms growing in our route. My  long life journey is always an answer, a very good answer to the symptoms growing obsolete in the materialistic age underlying the penetrable so called repertoir I've seen. The repertoir involved with obsolete issues which I say everything must go interdisciplinary. Everything seemed to be superb in my continues seek of a definite answer in the name of interdisciplinary acknowledgement that may defile against a defiler.

domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Death Becomes Him

It's newly journey on my part when I supposedly never been juxtaposed the so called heirarchy or poisonous charms. Some of his creed is always a beautiful memorandum that may always be indulge by lots of facets of interdisciplinary studies to abode an imploration of an improvised faith. He's always an anarchy of a so called journey if still continued doing myriad options all by himself. Against the society that may be enciphered a delight to a rise of feminism which seemed must be neutral at the same time. Voyage de Sage never become ravage but assaulted lots of White Zombies and Goats that hours when we were on our field of discovery, until I gave my arms to Lloyd or the woman who had morena skin I discovered at the wealthy villa. There we stood still after the devious evoke of enemies, but think again that maybe society becomes our arch enemy to imbibe with a bountiful ecclair. Meanwhile the piece of cake woman uttered "Ayoko sa inyo". Then I acted impishly and never reacted, the hours passing our lives made the sky greyish whilst murmurring against the evil that lurks our mind, she tried giving us good voyage to avoid the madness of society until leave away the remedies of the evil doer. He muttered after being tired and make a huge rest to encipher more ideas regarding diplomacy. Everything seemed to be a good voyage when there she's always in a comfort for us to continue the ravage points of life, for our instance there's always a provoking anarchy like a black propaganda deep inside. But with me, there's an answer for him who becomes a death to acknowledge the journey of our group especially of against the desolating situation of life. We've been in a minute whilst Lloyd think of how death may acquire me, Iron light voyage Celts become a significance of enlightenmena but smirk. In a hundred miles of our longevity to improve of a mustn't sacrilege and lust of honours in our instances we must always made a conclusion for our own benefit. Then he rested and think of humility and created himself to give bad luck and malinant charms against the people trying to contradict our group seemingly there's always no confusion especially when there's no poisonous charms but a unified belief of our ascertainment. He's a real modest image of a vicidus reality yet... A man to be our comfort and in my part must always be a latent in our sociological group. In the midst of our search for excellence there's always a touch of heroism that only on my part can become a good strategic alliance for ourselves, against the people who loves conquering individuality there's him. A deadly nature to destroy the numbers provided for evil that lurks in our part. "There's no more signs of crown either inheritance anymore" but a good karma that may give us enervating aspects to survive against the goats and the White Zombies, He becomes an achievement and empowerment of a potent virtue that may become an insult to my enemies especially that these hours no more people that I trust anymore though our group is an accident claim.

lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

An interdisciplinarian society of Karmas

 Relating to the vicidus effects of karma that I gave in society, there's the virtue and the so called nature of freshness and multifarious option to have. There's a madness in society but the reverberatinbg strength of karma can be excercised well by means of a real owner. On one hand what's more ecclectic in avoiding the deviance of society, there's always a must to be conjured by what is more strengthening in terms of aura that can be against tedious tragedy with people who were quite definitive of making desires for themselves. Quite an equilibrium to a sensitizing society, things which is ,myriad to make conclusions above enlightenment and visions of heirarchy seemingly femminism deals with society. Though in the stoic poisonous charms that may deal with karma there's always a vye a for what can be a means of realistic though intravenous with smirks of society. I can say there were lots of difficulties and myriad denouments to antagonistic ecclairs but there's reliable answers to become a conclusion. In terms of idealism there can be an owned remedy to forfeit the self centered and things in the name of eccentricsm, idealism can become egalitarian when dealing with lot's of approaches especially when there's an against to infestation of innocent minds by many anguish propagandas. In dealing with veneration and owned pretentious leadership to retail an exploitation and an indulge to what they prioritize for themselves, for me; who's the real mad and unsensible, who's the one attached by pluralistic antagonism. The victory is always there for the righteous in terms of what can be ecclectic to remedy the massive rabbies to kill the world and destroy it's mentality. The greatness of karma is always a wisdom to make things right, one thing can I say regarding the evil that lurks deep inside of my mind and it's the selfishness that trying to evoke the society. "Hindi ako laruang sinusugatan" according to Mystic which maybe a good ensamble to poverty and real anguish denouments against society. The world is big but in Philippines the growing karma is like a fortune with indians to be against the people with apostacy in life and dirty secrets which is a mustn't with lot's of righteous people. In terms of tribute to strengthening a wisdom, karmas may be a good strata to many facets of academics like society and demography. People may learn, people retaliate and people turned nothing after their victory but there's a stronger thing to gain of what can be fruitful.

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

When currently the old and the past

Everything seemed to be weird when dealing with my dreams and nightmares especially of encountering lots of human demeanor that should I have to correct. Speaking of infatuation and allurance I'd encountered Adam Levine and told me when she's gone to become deviant against him there's Jane to put him in security.

There's a lot of things to conquer my fears but nobody hand me up against the pressures of evil people, or shall I say madness of society which is quite eager in mentality not to desolate of what is contradicting in society and enlightenment. It was an assure ties with what can become a resolution in reality, there my bestfriend came to give me the answers though very difficult and sounds latent.
Lot's of procrastination when speaking of laws and norms in society contradict me especially when there the gigantic animal and the evil sling shot soldier came to dethrone me, but there the original came to blow away the malefescents.

Until more years come and I encounter a my avid fan writer to lead my path and give me lots of assure ties especially of overcoming denoument of the so called tasks that had to be improved in reality and is a probable supposition in my journey.

 Though it's quite difficult, at least I'd percieve there qualities and ecclairs in reality and longevity of search for enthusiasm of enlightenment of a one day enlightenment in the route of society, which is quite weird, mad, and turning to evade of the casualties that must be upheaved. Then in terms of diplomacy and myriad culture my journey and route to a very enchanted life, everything run the errands with the aide of a piece of cake, dealing against poisonous charms and karma. This where some of the juxtaposing people who tried continuing the feastive world after emotional shocks but I can say there's more ecclairs to invigorate.

Then I muttered with her, komare anong petsa na wala pa ring nangyayari? Kumusta naman? "Piece of cake" lang yan sabi niya.

Uhhh... Everything seemed to be curently the old and the past...

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

The Excercise of the Signs

Now as ,my journey continued running onwards difficult twists I looked up at the myriad culttures of people especially with Femminism and catapults of anarchy. I've took a great travel but before I discovered something different with myself especially with handling facets of reality of animals.The Colt and the Ram in  the primary learning of my life. With the sign of the colt, I never ate different delicious foods that can be a denoument against enemies with a greater fortitude of truth and bountiful blessings of happiness in my life even though different spells of Satan tried entering my momentum of liturgy. Then I listen to the music that may destroy the invigorating charms of mischeviousness and playful poison... and also antagonistic poison against the unruly nature of anarchy. Now look at this picture again:
It's another sign of a protagonist that can be a bountiful effect for a beauty of soul, now with the sign of the colt I become dignified of upheaving derogatory remarks in the worth of heirarchy. Now everything seemed to be venerous in facing pressures and succulent energies of life and nature. Few days have gone and my bestfriend had visited me then endowed another fruit of experiences. Now Lot's of stories ricocheted again and make a bountiful entourage though seemed to be stoic in my part. I look at the highest peaks of mountains and become a luck with a sort of a viral message from features of ethereal society.
Now take a look at this next image:
For the sign of the Ram it's a moment of truth to seek for what's punitive in the sight of righteousness with the enervating aspects of reality. It's like what I've read in the book Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho just read and you may see how things become a security against the fissures of defeat and mentallity of real happiness. Music and water is always a therapy against evil that lurks in our mind, always concocted with definitive emotions, obligations and verdict which is a must in the entire realm. With my journey in through enchanted life I had lots of learning together with the voyage de Sage, the Celts and the Beans for the next security I'll search for the Zayniem which is considerable in the liturgy with my aunt. "This travel is suffoctating" one of them muttered, then its always a prerogrative which I hidly murmured with myself as we continued our group journey. As the moments of our phenomena where the evil queen followed only our energies may be a bountiful result for what is a so called reality against the nightmare that happened with me before where the hideous snake whispered another cursed which is a course in our life.

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Karmas of society

Sim society, Dark horse by Katy Perry, PS Vitas, Androids and lots of materialism that can be utilized how things can be done without any karmas in reality. Imbibe with entirety and everything which leads to catastrophic mentality when dilluted with  madness and deviance, If things where proliferated with knowledge and additive scenes of which is a poisonous charms then bravery is another insurrection be considered as an assure ties to good locomotion of this realm full of ecclairs and surprises.

Look at this picture again:
It is a symbol of a color wheel and karma, like a significance in  enlightenment that can be a purity to success but is against with the signs of pessimism and illogical senses of prestige and boasting to what is karma and virtuos wherein reallity is destructive. The massive color is everything which is intuitive in the society of preceding competition of wisdom to lead the victory of ages and enlightenment. Wanting for me to invigor the auras of hidden agenda in the name of a bestfriends image. It's a must have to conclude of cultures in the midst of victory, the deviance of security and the neccessity with priorities strength against poisonous charms is a P5+1 society. Everything that seemed to be conserve like an energy must arouse the upheaving fortune and wisdom, the colors of wisdom is quite genuine when added with a medal of realistic vows of  a cake. So if I'll have to choose of what is a perfect storm to play with magic then there's a play of magic against the Dark elf the mustn't be a locomotive to prevent of the sieges and catapults of demonic entity. Things which is severe as I was in the longevity of voyage against the libelous orientations that things where not always into a heretical but in a malignant madness of society... Speaking of though not heretical. Lot's of strengths made myself anti-mage either a synthesis of onlooking with the passive circumstances of what ailments can be devaluated against many contradicting people. Now Let me create another mantra which is quite good for international courtesies and is not a sweet talks for a sentimental thing. Not for a sense of realizations but a focus for concentration and highest means of meditation whilst on a stoic charms there can be a surmountable mantra for various ethereal mounds of ecclectic forms like endowing different signs into wisdom.

Look at this:
The Domino effect instance which I called; senserene ramataz contra fallado for a bountifull effect of truth and can be an image of strength gaining, leading to a my very own hero and seemingly an anti-madness of society but can be a success to my medal though difficult in terms of preceding savvy points of materialism. What's more that can materialize efforts against the feigned brives of karmas of society and is much of a dilluting aspect against the real karma that can control by a piece of cake towards destruction of enemies captivating our mentallities. It's always only the venerous one and from us which is an excellence to harmony and marvelous covert act then may give a domino effect views to superlative truth.

Now this one: Is there any good signs when dotted with ecclairs of  karma against what is poisonous and a real sympathetic devotions and cries of complains of heretical people. Now is there any relations with Karma?

lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Clothes for the boastfull

Here it comes... here it comes... in  the silence and depth of the Philippines as a pearl of the orient sea, somehow... I'm still alive. Against the mirror images of demonic entity, on my part I'm always in creed for a rescue which is always an nth hour of my life, between good and evil how am I going to choose for things which is a so called my clothes for the boastful. How am I going to define reality when there's always the boastful people, a silent monkey and poisonous charms, the more I gain of how things become realistic the more I become languid against the many facets of condemnation and fatalistic whore which is clandesting with myself. Then I see her as a clothes for the boastful, the lady in an heirloom of my model figure self who can make of a consensus assortment towards me, lots of procrastination and deviance happened, she appeared as I'm dealing with lots of karmas in reality. Then I muttered her, she really can be a figure of mine and had a truthful airiness in my side which is  a sort of... Speaking of karmas (yung mantika nasan na?) the humidity of diplomacy is always visioned in the frailty of strength and fallacies. Fallacies which is always in a platonic though stoic in my part, the more I had to become percieving the more I must correlate everything in harmony, especially of against the sieges of balowney memoirs.

So parang ganun lang siya, I don't have to leave comments because of the antagonistic cases that I'm facing myriadly with most of mentallities of man unlike me who's woman against them.

Look at this picture again:

Somewhere... somehow I've been disgustedly interrogated by a fake group of them whom I'm striving for survival until now. Everything seemed to be in hypocracy because of what had happened against me, the feigned issue occured in my life is really a devour.

So let me say this is an epitome of a clothes for the boastful where things were quite become skinflint in my part to cleanse of the said latent in reality which is undermined but must become truthfull with me in one hand. What's far more essential is that I had to prove of everything to seek from what is a so called clothes for the boast, like an issue of many woman sent in United Nations to make a peace keeping ceremony with lot's of people; is an epitome of a must clothes for the boast because they gave bundle of security with lots of people during the crisis of different policies around.

Now let's take a peek in this second photo...
 Guess who really they were: People belong to a diplomatical union...

No it's just Mr. Bean frankly speaking... He's dealing a Johnny English association with Southpark Kyle...

So see you soon again for the next so and so karma...

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Common communicable issue

The spread of knowledge is like a devouring deviance in the alleged sutures of fateless savor of a detour in the riveting arenas... of an ambiguous reality that mustn't had to be done as an heir of luminous realm. Though there's no reasons at all, I still can say that I'm a synthesis myself in the name of languid triumphs and I used to make in favor in this realm. It's a common communicable issue of a story that I'm interfacing when people tend to become a usual demeanor in heirarchy and meteoric route to aisle and where I see an archetypal momentum of artsy presumptions which is deviant in my own society of enlightenment to make imbibe of what is scenic in reality. The striking veneration of conspicuous harmony must always become sumptous to make of a passive hypothesis in the longevity of years that I'm dealing with my voyage. Things which is a must to conclude a meaningful society though there's a deviance and that like I'm turning myriad in the visions of what I am always concluding as a phenomenal coutour in the route of what is a must in the sight of many eyes. What's far more important is an owned explanantory belief where in majabaratas, indarapatras, xiang kai Scheck and different cultures that can be concocted to make a bountiful implementations of what is ethereal in the name of what can be a synthesis against the route of poisonous charms. The meticulous reality is always a final thing in delight though a fury in the swipes of methodological aspects of studies regarding karma, culture and consequences. If there's a hundredth times of difficulties then there's always a motivation to make each indivuals become a harbour to the dreams of being a pretty woman in this humungous nightmare. Airy obstacles and demeanors which is a mustn't in my life and viral to escape from pressures of my worth in this diplomatical detour. The enlighthenment of my very own Editoria Knight is a real example of a stance of a woman being punitive with romance and what is surrealistic above enlighenment; Tooking caress of motherhood; making swipes with children; imploring basket of pure graces in terms of harmony and essence of intelligence against the feigned sympathetic environment of White Zombies; Cascading down luminous devours of senseless voids. Like a stench of Editoria Knight which I'm always against her she's still had a sunlight beams of ecclairs to womanhood like me. The many issues that I'm always conjuring in the images and sorts of different people there where lits of assure ties of volts to conclude in the route of success and viral messages that can evolve their conscience and make it as a sense of purity and ranges of ecclectical values of triumphs in the arc of smiles. It's like a definitive conscience to be concocted with many sights of individual in that I'm gaining a momentum of delinquence and ironical status quo society.

May isa nga nagsabi kalamansi na lang ulam namin kinain niya pa
Yung sunod naman pagnakipag-usap ka pa sakin nakipagusap ka na sa Toooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhh...

jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Mr, Ms So and so

Once it was an enchanted dream in reality that I accumulate a great 5 w's, a heading a body and a conclusion then hablar in my own strength. My sieges of catapults where somewhat economic hale in the name of enlightenment though blurry sensations of how thing can be issued in materialism, regarding the differences of what is called an antagonistic emmo hemmian rhapsody in my own feature strength. Together with my bountiful journey in icing and cake creations of popularity and good sequential monetary interjection in the growing consience of population. My story inside the many facets of medical aide becomes a supremacy in the longevity of dream in my sensations. She walk towards me and make a bundle of carriage with her pimples and moon eyes and morena skin telling her that she can be a sufficed sleep against the interfacing enemies. A Jelly Beans that can be sumptious in my temperature and can be like a claustrophobic delingquence in the latent sacrilege which is in a cunning cheat. I've tried to seek the commodities but I decided not to make anyone in dispute because of me. The stronger is always a charm of my triumphant seek, once a newbie enters, there'll be a great annoyance in the wealth and pleasures and will be imbibe with pedagogical strobe of striking belief to make me lure. It was a so called story against the people of derailment and pride of beliguerent soul that I must encompassed to make honors of reality. Off against the diverse and said myself that I can be ill tempered because of man, or shall I say him? Virile despondents and decadence of ethereal delusion in my sort of life. He's much of strong man if I should had to have in my life gaining a frantic momentum in a nary aspect and nth hours of my life. Against the enemies, White Zombies and the Goats, especially of the preluding charms, people may say that there's always a utilized contradictories in brathness and madness of society and also thief of skinflintness feigned sight. If things where desecrated there's always a greater million in exchange he said me as I was creating a new stabilized society much of platonic in my mentallity and things in comfort. Against so many people who had a deteriorated and imaginations where decomposted because of cruelty and devastation. It's quite liturgic making intimacies with good and bad, with brag and harmony in which I can say cakes where friendly, puppies are cool and everything that can make a universal cathasthrophical in terms of interrelational aspect.

"Ituro mo na gusto mo ng mapapatay ka na"

As what it was honoured in the news last time that I heard when I was at the mental hospital where many people trying to wake me up just for against the paste which is weakening and the fake skull.

Mas ok ng genuine kaysa kulang sa originality as what I had said against the poisonous charms of people. The difficulty giver speak again in the air, "How should I pretend of something if there's no evil" He laughed so much then I replied as I am imploring another punch line, "You think I'm pretty without any make-up on
You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong
I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down"
"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream
The way you turn me on, I can't sleep
Let's run away and don't ever look back
Don't ever look back"
In then route of my enemies in my entire dream and longevity of pretentious popularity we become both Mr, Ms So and so in the realistic ecclairs of my womanhood.

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Define the Difference

Things seemed to be in my journey where humungous thoughts had never been derailed because of a more consensus thing that run over my mind in terms of preponderating a more interesting facet which isn't an occult in my side. To acknowledge a vociferous popularity and learning a more quintessential sort of a strength, things must be latent but what's more different between these two angles of situations?

the legalisation of same-sex marriage

I hope I'm never been mistaken of things that  devaluates of me as ugly sides of virtues, the difficulty giver only reminisces of what is realistic in this surreal world. In my own incites I hope there's a more stronger aspect of making things in a righteous karma especially of against the people who had the feeling of a not bereft reality. So... back to the pragmatical approach which mustn't be ignited immediately and what's more forceful in the name of popularity, now this one: Let's take a pick:

Lady Gaga Advocates Gay Rights, Sings 'Born This Way' At Rome Rally In Circus Maximus 

So... In  my journey what's the difference now between this two auras of person that I'm instigating to show the reality of making things right. Everything seemed to be an enemy against frailty of society and things which is called an enlightenment of universe and surrealistic views of up heaving people. Against the harshness of fatalistic views which is always a myriad assure ties in my voyage of a humungous thought and everything which can't be an absurd in life against the deteriorating visions of mine. Both of them had an ecclectical majority when dealing with people, without any space for what is called a popularity and wisdom when give them an oblique path to a good karma. When dealing with them there's always an antagonistic difference but they're both different when handling of what is righteous. But there must be a remind of treating ourselves not follow the ways of an immitated people, in my own sight I'm very improvised of dealing with karmas and handling my own fate just to avoid the harshness of population and escaping in the hands of the silent fart. Now ascertain their aspects in reality then find out how things came upon them in making in this world and who are they in this ravagous and mustn't be heretical in making void of karmas and dogmas in the continuous growth of population. Perhaps in my sojourn there's always a probability of tremendous madness with people, I believe you may see who's the who can make a best terrain in this route to make things different. Once I encountered another woman and told me to whom I had to give the magic beans of anti-derailment and deviance of people against me, I replied on one hand and said everything seemed to be latent as a means of making myself comfort against the obscure life. Things which is quite different wherein one hand I can feel the destructive side of myself and had to be wisier and acknowledging of things. I muttered again with her, one day I encountered her in my dream onwards the freedom that I need in my life, "I'm against the people and is a metalic rock woman" She told me which I remembered in my life when we've met at the woods. So the woman nodded and gone making things right for herself. In this interlude both of us had primary options of promoting our views in this world but who's the better and the best. Though I can't think, only the difficulty giver against the silent fart may deteriorate the wrath running against the envious people, wherein my side I always had a teenage dream to continue though it's quite heretical in my circumstance and must be set away forth back to their lives. So my journey will continue to have a more Friday nights with more gentes. :)

martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Ironlight Voyage de Sage

Ricocheting my arms while scribing this theory what I see in nisce is the woman whom I encountered in a not so essential but delicate bar. In the midst of our search to seek the love from lessons and learning being woman to cleanse our path with lot's of obstacles through the means of her wisdom it's her mentality when I encountered telling lessons of how a girl could become delicate of herself though esoteric and gay to function in front of society. Reminiscing of everything that she's that woman who can give intelligence above the Zebra Society world, still the fireman reigns above because of the power and strength he have to pulverized the wicked and the weak whilst make deluge of his own principle to gain victory all over around. "He's too funky especially now that he evolve, meandering the catasthropes that may become surrealistic in different cases." She said whilst the fireman emmit's his bolts of roaches to play with me. I felt difficult those hours where the triumphant they indulge to get against me is too much a conflict against my life. It's a real life procrastination if I was carried away in the trends of those people who where much in a whim when dealing with what they want to have against the pluralistic truth that I'm used to indulge in life. It's an imbibe vision with my life to prove of what's myriad with me. She become's an intimate partner of my life, especially of making reprimands against our journey, lot's of things where all about the me and the huntsman who gain different betrayals in our life. This journey isn't enough, that we had to fight against powerful catasthropes of the fireman. Her intelligence divulge around the Zebra Society to unleash the tempers of the devastating world that may become unearthy in life and moans of  heresies. Though it's that an apostacy that the "Difficulty giver" is much myriad when making stoic resolutions from all of us, though with ourselves we had that conclusions for ourselves towards him. Laughing at all of us, I said it's still an incantation with him making proposals to gain victory as a means of our success. He's really that a difficult enemy from all of us especially in making proposals from all of our designated success to make flamboyant matters around. Everything seemed to be superficial and utilizing in all of our sorts. "The Zebra Society World must be hypothetical treated in powerful wisdom that you must had to have against the deploring aspects of those gigantinc enemies trying to refute us." Still she envisioned of what's idionsyncracy, idiot knowledge and worth of indulging feminism. Our group is always that much in the nth hours but a fine karma that we had to evolve against the fissures of society and everything that should be in a pluralistic visions that only the enlightenment may imbibe as a real magic in our sight.

"It's always a good concoction of wisdom to be truthful of society and may become a fantasy though in a very perplexive instances of consciousness to disturb of individuality. A massive stances of consensus may give a good result to a Zebra Society world.

domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

The Celtic story

                                                         past life                     future life

It was my continuous journey after in the woods together with the Amazons who'd been locked up on our long way with the duly representative of the huntsman though a betrayal. It was my lost since all of  my friends have gone so far from my life, it's only my own route having some learning with people I encountered. Everything becomes a reminisce in my life to forfiet the people who only had knowledge is a delingquence of what they want. Learning of what I had to have in my life is encountering exalt and ecstacy especially with my journey, finding issues with most of my friends and learning to cope up from everything which must be invulnerable in my life. Thinking of the dark forces, the White Zombies and the Goats everything is in  gore whilst they've been melting down by the stench they've done against me. The Huntsman? Uuuuuuuhhh... He'll never survive, as for me I had to deliver the swim suit with a very trusted one who took care of me for the longevity of period. At least I still remember of everything though I've been deteriorated with much of White Zombies. But still this is a fight against the dark entities of the mass though much alluring due to the unreasonable logic of giving value with himself (the giver of difficulties) seemingly he never met up in my life but I found out he's too much delingquent to deal with in my own cite. "How should I pretend of something if there's no evil" In his jest I've been dishonored and felt the madness of the world. I shouted... "Damn!!!!!!!!!! Bolstered!!!!!!!!! This is not a joke... Mister... my ironmaidens where all been destructed because of your insults, I can't do this alone especially that people who are quite balowney and useless make efforts to destroy me. I can't do this alone and I'm always in a neccessity of a rescue with your sort. Everyone's going evil, I'm weakening give yourself a range for a procurement to destroy the malignant society undermining my capabilities, this is a sick freak!!!!!!!!!!!!" He just laugh, so in my weakening instances I catapulted to become braver these hours. The magical swim suit that I'm carrying and the pieces biscuits for her as one that I treated as a beauty and laughter since my childhood, told her that I'm not that shallow when incorporating with such life and everything which I called dealing intimacies with my colleagues. Hoping with what may happen with my life I used to be promulgated of myself in this world of realistic and surgent things especially in terms of diplomacy and enlightenment to heave of what can be a good rear with myself learning alone. It's a very good sunny afternoon thinking of the one who's making romances in my own sort. What romances were those? I said myself then everything which had to become latent with things that can make me wiser being intrigue with who am I as a Dragon emmitting firebolt together with the Huntsman. There's always an exchange in my life thinking of the two beautiful woman I've met who become a mystery in my life, but I told myself I had to take care of the other with the help of Senora Zame and the instincts of her weapon to make destructions that may give a strength with me. But the other one who'd been lost far away from me telling myself, at least I already give her the magical swimsuit which can be a protection with my latent ecclairs in life. She'd gone but it's like (Globe) (Gaano ka man kalayo tanaw  mo pa rin sila...) and (Walking in the beach sides). Calling her as Celts or my latent one becomes indulging once that I've met her imbibe of everything that I'm always in sort, "Everything seemed to be lucrative now a days especially of the growing population."
"So you're interested of the continues numbering of people...Why?"
"I'm age 25 now and I believe this would be an another reminisce in my life though may become an another procrastination in my life."
"Realistically as it is... How old are you again?"
"25 madame..."
Then she continued talking again with the man in long brown beard having the circumstance to destroy of the feigned people who may is reasonable to destroy because of the cruelty and their abuse to society. I said myself I can continue this journey being realistic with what I have and may never dillute of everything which is a beautiful faction in this reality. Amongst my heave with the magical swimsuit that I'm bearing these hours. This is a real celtic theory for me to continue my journey giving my handful of swimsuit with the beautiful mystery woman that may help me to continue my journey against the odds of obstacles.