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domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

The Celtic story

                                                         past life                     future life

It was my continuous journey after in the woods together with the Amazons who'd been locked up on our long way with the duly representative of the huntsman though a betrayal. It was my lost since all of  my friends have gone so far from my life, it's only my own route having some learning with people I encountered. Everything becomes a reminisce in my life to forfiet the people who only had knowledge is a delingquence of what they want. Learning of what I had to have in my life is encountering exalt and ecstacy especially with my journey, finding issues with most of my friends and learning to cope up from everything which must be invulnerable in my life. Thinking of the dark forces, the White Zombies and the Goats everything is in  gore whilst they've been melting down by the stench they've done against me. The Huntsman? Uuuuuuuhhh... He'll never survive, as for me I had to deliver the swim suit with a very trusted one who took care of me for the longevity of period. At least I still remember of everything though I've been deteriorated with much of White Zombies. But still this is a fight against the dark entities of the mass though much alluring due to the unreasonable logic of giving value with himself (the giver of difficulties) seemingly he never met up in my life but I found out he's too much delingquent to deal with in my own cite. "How should I pretend of something if there's no evil" In his jest I've been dishonored and felt the madness of the world. I shouted... "Damn!!!!!!!!!! Bolstered!!!!!!!!! This is not a joke... Mister... my ironmaidens where all been destructed because of your insults, I can't do this alone especially that people who are quite balowney and useless make efforts to destroy me. I can't do this alone and I'm always in a neccessity of a rescue with your sort. Everyone's going evil, I'm weakening give yourself a range for a procurement to destroy the malignant society undermining my capabilities, this is a sick freak!!!!!!!!!!!!" He just laugh, so in my weakening instances I catapulted to become braver these hours. The magical swim suit that I'm carrying and the pieces biscuits for her as one that I treated as a beauty and laughter since my childhood, told her that I'm not that shallow when incorporating with such life and everything which I called dealing intimacies with my colleagues. Hoping with what may happen with my life I used to be promulgated of myself in this world of realistic and surgent things especially in terms of diplomacy and enlightenment to heave of what can be a good rear with myself learning alone. It's a very good sunny afternoon thinking of the one who's making romances in my own sort. What romances were those? I said myself then everything which had to become latent with things that can make me wiser being intrigue with who am I as a Dragon emmitting firebolt together with the Huntsman. There's always an exchange in my life thinking of the two beautiful woman I've met who become a mystery in my life, but I told myself I had to take care of the other with the help of Senora Zame and the instincts of her weapon to make destructions that may give a strength with me. But the other one who'd been lost far away from me telling myself, at least I already give her the magical swimsuit which can be a protection with my latent ecclairs in life. She'd gone but it's like (Globe) (Gaano ka man kalayo tanaw  mo pa rin sila...) and (Walking in the beach sides). Calling her as Celts or my latent one becomes indulging once that I've met her imbibe of everything that I'm always in sort, "Everything seemed to be lucrative now a days especially of the growing population."
"So you're interested of the continues numbering of people...Why?"
"I'm age 25 now and I believe this would be an another reminisce in my life though may become an another procrastination in my life."
"Realistically as it is... How old are you again?"
"25 madame..."
Then she continued talking again with the man in long brown beard having the circumstance to destroy of the feigned people who may is reasonable to destroy because of the cruelty and their abuse to society. I said myself I can continue this journey being realistic with what I have and may never dillute of everything which is a beautiful faction in this reality. Amongst my heave with the magical swimsuit that I'm bearing these hours. This is a real celtic theory for me to continue my journey giving my handful of swimsuit with the beautiful mystery woman that may help me to continue my journey against the odds of obstacles.

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