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viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

The founding of Inertia

Golds and bronze anything which can't devaluate enlightenment but atleast develop a more communicable issue for a better of reality. In terms of consequences things may become incarnated, I told myself during my reluctance against the madness of society. Everyone may live with me as an  epitome of a better claim against the fissures of feign fortune for a better instances. The route to a more feastive thing, I said myself with the magic word of the woman whom I called Inertia or the chest of my superb reality. She just acted as a never been derailment with my instance to dethrone the enhanced culture of popularity in terms of wisdom and resemblance of humor. What's more justifiable is how I could navigate the pieces of books in the wordy Albins who may acknowledge of the vicidus harmony in the magistrate that I called as one to honour one day becoming the curtail of intimacy in enlightenment and perceptions. Then I started to think again how to empower evertything against the goats and the White Zombies amplifying the ecclectic forces of neutrality. Through the means of my continuous journey everything seemed to be my nth hours against the heretical disorder of the mass and on the other side, the conscience of society. She never instigated of everything but at least in my rendevouz with her, I can say at least I give her the repertoir of making agenda with millioners of anarchy.  The synthesis may always be a synthesis towards sovereignty  of our affirmative consensus of congregation  towards womanhood, only stupid people may give derogatory remarks. She's inertia or a woman to become a good wealth or signs of beauty. In my part things may be difficult the hours of enhancing ourselves, especially against the utilization of monarchy by superb materialism. The route is always a route for never ending journey amongst the liberated population and society. She never opt me either sensed the punitive cosas in behaviours of the environment. Meanwhile...
A sign of poisonous charm ricocheted in my mentallity. But said myself, it's a vehement destruction action to incorporate against me but things become tighter when Inertia told me to use a magical gelatin on hundred million number of goats enemy. Reasons of popularity is always an answer for them, but I think some of them like a demon elf either night elf to conclude of darkness in the woods. Meanwhile a blessed moon that I render as a remedy that I called Larvae to meet that woman of oldness that I siege for most of my life, I had unwaver against the materialism of the beauty as a power to reign the madness of society. After a long reminisce along myself in the tower of  Piza he compensated me for a frivolous virtue I can say, the voice of coldness and affection I said myself which is a sudden destruction against me especially that he knows much of my capacity then muttered myself , hope the master of the clan may enuciate to secure me in the joy that I said myself that's why it must be a society may had to cherished the  empowerment of society.

Then she muttered at least I've used my energy to help you I'm Inertia...

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