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miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

The Fuege, the Roeur and the Piagget

                                               Ugly memoirs...

Onwards the navigation my tank tops and anklets, they where signs of pluralistic beauty. Intimacies for roeur, emo for fuege and the clothes and passion for the Piaget, it's a realistic coaelsces for the memoirs and the intellects that I may create as a means of a tribute to the life and struck to embelish the game which is a nightmare against the White Zombies and the goats. It'S more of a consequencial heirarchy of the real challenge. But as a mediocrity person I'm much of a signage for proof of what can be a twist for the enervating derailment against the victory of a feigned anarchy. The conclusion mist always be terminated, synchronized arm dealings for an against to the scheduled tasks and more of a sudden. A mobility to the capacities what they three can give me as a means of good tributes to the endearing maximization of the virile denouments. Now I become much more intellectual that the scene where of my views that P.U.G.'s where sort of envious against me why nocturnally speaking that the meanderiong highlights wherefore inculcation of the four sets of society. It was an approved demarches against the assaults that the ultimatum may create a reasons for practicallity and what is for the veneration of the surgencies of things that I may become consistent for the options pf wpro and labor. The tendency of the karmas which can be nutritive ion the iron ore and the three mazkovits, can become a good sort of complaicancies. It's always can be an issue with the harbours of delingquencies and an against the cheapness of the Chipanggas and the goats. Somehow... I'm still alive the detriments can be securing or the annihilation of detergent and sour poisoning of the twists of the malign odours. With the contagencies of the good grooming and the perfect culture that we may had to have for the contniuous life. Hope we created a good memorandum Ms. Piaget, it's a nuptial of what is a real perfect culture for most. Kemelatek na lang...

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