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martes, 7 de abril de 2015

What you hear is leave it here...

Kaya kahit pa santol ang sagot niyan, kung di naman akma sa sagisag ng mga bulaklak at mga panlasa namin is leave it here. She muttered me when I instating me various possibilities in a realistic assure ties. The issue is that the so called contradiction to the frailty of the society or the S.A.M. when I realized the provocation of the introspect for anarchism must be deteriorated. Then I think of the fragility of people must be substantiated with a more feastive aspect for usually the truth.
Oh sino toh? Talaga kayo si ka Allan yan, matsing pa siya niyan.
Then I continued my valued principles for an avid memoir, now said I that the exquisite part is the analogous of the annoying circumstance to be depreciated well. With my visions of the varriable instances in the interlude of the defunct, could be automated into a more righteous logic of formulas that can be synchronized. The issue could be like irvine welsh ecstacy, my passive reality is a good notion for contradiction to deviance. Bulag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the mutter of that woman to escape for the pressures of society inputted as a punishment to her, then I continued my journey with leaving the dreams. Kaya what you hear is leave it here and leave it here is what you hear.

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