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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Enlaces Diplomaticos

Armadillos, squirrels, Don quixotes, Gypsy castles, Whiz bees and Gee Whiz  where the soar of a lightning torch where that, the cruxial whom can called by the roueerrr avynil in the bulb to be exalted in luminosity. Even though it is that, tremendous in the aspect of tweets and chirps of a sterility of the so called Search Engine Optimization in a better demeanor. "The hoax is a hoax anything you could regain of a bribe to fight and flux, and also furies of vandalizing the emulation of a tribute to harmony and sensitivity of a culture is that, a fathom to salvation of a frantic illusion." He then just, become a resemblance of his former self when turning himself alive again in the senses of fusion with the features that he could amend in himself against procrastination. Still lumping his face and making a snug to the front of the magical mirror to ignite the esquire of harbors to vendettas of a white Lies abode. In the silage of a carapace where we turned ourselves an adamant to the beauty of love and the sterility of life though an onslaught to this Black Saturday afternoon, going to the sage of a Happy Easter weekend as a means to an enjoyment report and rendezvous onwards the Citadel of the ultimatum or the SRO cinema serye presents that is hereafter, could divulge forth the hierarchic Emperor of the far away middle town. The usual essence of different ways where that, a hegemony in the different patterns of premature sterility of motherhood when Drona, appeared to be recalcitrant of herself. Turning her mind to become sentimentally normal in our journey, she tends to press the whiteness of her face thinking of the race that I am one with (the white Zombies). Muttered, then when she think to become amicable in the nurturing karma scholar of her own self started. "Hay naku, ka-cheapan wala pa rin akong makitang perspective tungkol sa mga bagay na yan ngayon. Nakaka-inis kung makikita kong ganun pero may effect naman para sa union na meron tayo. Ano ba yan? (Ciiiiiiiiiii...taaaadeeellll of the middle town kuno bang anong bagay ang tawag dun?) "Uhhuh.... wag masyadong seryosohin baka ika-imbyerna ko pa yan hah... anong tawag diyan?" With my simple lodge of statement, she just think not to become anxious of the so called contradiction to heresy of usually the people in our round table. Time is really of the essence that hours... "My dear,all of us where of a vision to this enchanted life, at least Sieges is that, contradiction to my berefting instances." Then I felt stronger in my own verge of searching for the usual humility that I could behoove in my own concern just for a mere juxtposed of theories that could become an analogous darkness of the colds and bizarred to blizzard away our sojourn. "Uy... ano ba toh? normal ang pagiisip ko hah... pwede ba? wag niyo kong igaya dito ayusin niyo toh. Wag niyo ko paypayin ng ganyan lalo na't masyadong umaatikobong init ng mga bali-balita dito samin. Masyadong kalat ang mga insecto't kulisap sa mga pagde-demolish dito ng mga imbyernang init ng ulo na yan." I, then turned being the sentiment of simpleton just because of the sudden ignition and difficulty to adapt, still... I think very reconnaissance that we as Ta_Ritz could encompass the harshness of society and the binge of lamentations to become sacrifice just because of the destructive method she usually avert in the name of diplomacy and herd in the schools of thoughts. Hereafter she appeared to be a thinker of valence and disseminated by her own intellectual reasons of being normal, Borj after talking the rigor of demolishing the ugly truth in the senses of a nocturn to imbibe against the fruition of the enemies. The power of thinking normal turned her as an upheaved to aide in the humanity of passive array in the thwart of optimism, still it was then my on call to Drona Maria Lux Humongous in my own effort to a verge of truth. I then muttered with our very delinquency of relationship, "A sense of deviance in ourselves, how we could become avert to affluence of peer friendship." "I am..." (ako na lang? then it was our friendship to inculcate against this reel world for a peer influence towards the life to that Liblib na lugar. Th

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