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sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

Si Drona

Tapos yun na nga yun sa nangyari, sa kaba ko pagtingin ko sa kanya pa upward then naisip ko na yung mga left sides namin para masubukun ko maayos ang lahat. She's Drona whilst we are in the liblib na lugar, we tend to apprehend the black whole which capacitates our living run abouts against the feifdom of continuous reign. Then I steadfast of myself with the instances of a contradiction to a deplorative vindication, as the captives of mind anarchy against the harshnesss of society we emulate our own veneration in the debunk of a so called truthful egalitarian role and is a heirarchy that must be dethrone, an illegal heirarchy of this hours. Especially of our mentality forth a rigid correction of demeanor. Hayyyyy... naku yan na nga ba ang sinasabi nilang pagsunod sa illegal na dimmension na hindi naman makatarungan para sa ating samahan, haaaiiiissssttttt... Naisip ko tuloy ang damax na show. Ano na Drona, kung maputla ka pilak na ko dito, so still everything is my definition of terms fort a maneuver towards the control of a passive union at the liblib na lugar whilst we lost far away from that place. So in this covalent belvedere of my own onstage to pluralistic essence usually everything is my haste to fortune that must defunct. Then in my own union, said I, lamay ba pinuntahan niyo na andun lang cinelebrate niyo na. In my times of an own creed forth the visions of a better camaraderie, Pusang gala di na ko makapagconcentrate; Drona anahalated her own sphere of circular adage reasoning. I added after she nodded and made her own face of nocturnal emotions of her whiteness as a lineage of intimacy, Pusakal na kamay toh!!!!! para na kong naghugas sa planggana ang kaba ko lang ah!!!! Then it's a heave of my self story like it was turning into a realistic sojourn in the route of my own excellencies. Naisip ko tuloy the S.A.M. wherein the society of social elites only procure against the hungry detergent people. The whims is a whim towards a ridge of a publicity, meanwhile a new entry came again who call herself the x-girlfriend hater self whom I ignited a passion of comfortness to lye down sat down and bee happy. High blood ka na teh sa kakaligaw ko, as in please forth your symptoms of turning into a white Zombie could be demarche'd very well, so where's that of your so to speak the one who could submit the people through the means of his skillful hands thwarting a homeostasis of your so could tell an escapade against his father? Tapos napatingin ako Natalie at nagsalita: Gurr nahihirapan na ko, si Kankunis Justaquia pwecdeng gumuerero. Yung kamay ko as in basang basa na sa kaba niyang dinedefine mo. Then I felt difficult, Drona then raised her shoulders and felt whitish as her miniscule eyes turned nothing to creed for herself. Then an woman of eye glasses with chinese dimples and bragged hair muttered whilst I'm nearly waking up my eyes: Kasi kasi naman... Naman kasi diba sabi naman.

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