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sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

Si Borj

Then my issue is that her inculcated aspect of being in a euphoric decadence, with the assault of a promulgated union is that mustn't had to become vague in the emotions of my realistic whim. The so called assault could be ambiguous, still the massive so called inheritance of a vision where that of herself, she muttered then: Naku anu na naman ba yan? Then I impted and reacted of being me: Hay naku Borj di mo na kailangan pang manakot alam ko yan. Thinking of our elementary days to contradict the obliviate relationship that we had for our own sake is that a mere purge of contradiction to anarchism. The essence of being vague to heretic ambivalence of a merging rigor to be ignited by a holocaust onwards a firm and visions of a reluctance. The state illegal heirarchism tend to become humongous especially of an effort to the catalyst of my surmounted inertia of a detriment in life instances and the verge of the so called mirage of the White Zombies in my lacquer of a ridge better decorum. Uy ano ba yan? Ano nangyari sayo? Parang gusto humiga diyan sa kalsada? Tungkol diyan sa opinion mo against ako diyan kaya lang lagi namang ang lahat ng bagay may salitang dinidependehan. The very important thing that I envisioned of myself that hours where that, a contradiction to usually an occult and the so called egalitarian role against papacy.

The usual effect is a change in my life instances of a apprehended vision of a before acknowledge instances of relationship. Si Borj: Ayun sa sarili kong aspeto wala ako diyan, I'm just here to listen people's opinions and an ignited introspect of what is better in the society, anu yung S. A. M. na sinasabi mo? Nakita ko lang siya dito minsan somewhere nagkakalat ng ibang lipunan at bango sa nasabing queso at chocolate. Tapos ayun, tinuro ko na naman sayo teh, kaya lang against pa rin ako. So each and everyone of us have our own interlude to a so called diverse phenomenon for a better of human surge and an ethereal utilization of what could be a contradiction to derailment. Sino nga pala yan hah... hah... Sino yan? Mukhang may iba ka na? Sige alam ko naman ehhh...

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