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lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Clothes for the boastfull

Here it comes... here it comes... in  the silence and depth of the Philippines as a pearl of the orient sea, somehow... I'm still alive. Against the mirror images of demonic entity, on my part I'm always in creed for a rescue which is always an nth hour of my life, between good and evil how am I going to choose for things which is a so called my clothes for the boastful. How am I going to define reality when there's always the boastful people, a silent monkey and poisonous charms, the more I gain of how things become realistic the more I become languid against the many facets of condemnation and fatalistic whore which is clandesting with myself. Then I see her as a clothes for the boastful, the lady in an heirloom of my model figure self who can make of a consensus assortment towards me, lots of procrastination and deviance happened, she appeared as I'm dealing with lots of karmas in reality. Then I muttered her, she really can be a figure of mine and had a truthful airiness in my side which is  a sort of... Speaking of karmas (yung mantika nasan na?) the humidity of diplomacy is always visioned in the frailty of strength and fallacies. Fallacies which is always in a platonic though stoic in my part, the more I had to become percieving the more I must correlate everything in harmony, especially of against the sieges of balowney memoirs.

So parang ganun lang siya, I don't have to leave comments because of the antagonistic cases that I'm facing myriadly with most of mentallities of man unlike me who's woman against them.

Look at this picture again:

Somewhere... somehow I've been disgustedly interrogated by a fake group of them whom I'm striving for survival until now. Everything seemed to be in hypocracy because of what had happened against me, the feigned issue occured in my life is really a devour.

So let me say this is an epitome of a clothes for the boastful where things were quite become skinflint in my part to cleanse of the said latent in reality which is undermined but must become truthfull with me in one hand. What's far more essential is that I had to prove of everything to seek from what is a so called clothes for the boast, like an issue of many woman sent in United Nations to make a peace keeping ceremony with lot's of people; is an epitome of a must clothes for the boast because they gave bundle of security with lots of people during the crisis of different policies around.

Now let's take a peek in this second photo...
 Guess who really they were: People belong to a diplomatical union...

No it's just Mr. Bean frankly speaking... He's dealing a Johnny English association with Southpark Kyle...

So see you soon again for the next so and so karma...

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