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jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Karmas of society

Sim society, Dark horse by Katy Perry, PS Vitas, Androids and lots of materialism that can be utilized how things can be done without any karmas in reality. Imbibe with entirety and everything which leads to catastrophic mentality when dilluted with  madness and deviance, If things where proliferated with knowledge and additive scenes of which is a poisonous charms then bravery is another insurrection be considered as an assure ties to good locomotion of this realm full of ecclairs and surprises.

Look at this picture again:
It is a symbol of a color wheel and karma, like a significance in  enlightenment that can be a purity to success but is against with the signs of pessimism and illogical senses of prestige and boasting to what is karma and virtuos wherein reallity is destructive. The massive color is everything which is intuitive in the society of preceding competition of wisdom to lead the victory of ages and enlightenment. Wanting for me to invigor the auras of hidden agenda in the name of a bestfriends image. It's a must have to conclude of cultures in the midst of victory, the deviance of security and the neccessity with priorities strength against poisonous charms is a P5+1 society. Everything that seemed to be conserve like an energy must arouse the upheaving fortune and wisdom, the colors of wisdom is quite genuine when added with a medal of realistic vows of  a cake. So if I'll have to choose of what is a perfect storm to play with magic then there's a play of magic against the Dark elf the mustn't be a locomotive to prevent of the sieges and catapults of demonic entity. Things which is severe as I was in the longevity of voyage against the libelous orientations that things where not always into a heretical but in a malignant madness of society... Speaking of though not heretical. Lot's of strengths made myself anti-mage either a synthesis of onlooking with the passive circumstances of what ailments can be devaluated against many contradicting people. Now Let me create another mantra which is quite good for international courtesies and is not a sweet talks for a sentimental thing. Not for a sense of realizations but a focus for concentration and highest means of meditation whilst on a stoic charms there can be a surmountable mantra for various ethereal mounds of ecclectic forms like endowing different signs into wisdom.

Look at this:
The Domino effect instance which I called; senserene ramataz contra fallado for a bountifull effect of truth and can be an image of strength gaining, leading to a my very own hero and seemingly an anti-madness of society but can be a success to my medal though difficult in terms of preceding savvy points of materialism. What's more that can materialize efforts against the feigned brives of karmas of society and is much of a dilluting aspect against the real karma that can control by a piece of cake towards destruction of enemies captivating our mentallities. It's always only the venerous one and from us which is an excellence to harmony and marvelous covert act then may give a domino effect views to superlative truth.

Now this one: Is there any good signs when dotted with ecclairs of  karma against what is poisonous and a real sympathetic devotions and cries of complains of heretical people. Now is there any relations with Karma?

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