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lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Define the Difference

Things seemed to be in my journey where humungous thoughts had never been derailed because of a more consensus thing that run over my mind in terms of preponderating a more interesting facet which isn't an occult in my side. To acknowledge a vociferous popularity and learning a more quintessential sort of a strength, things must be latent but what's more different between these two angles of situations?

the legalisation of same-sex marriage

I hope I'm never been mistaken of things that  devaluates of me as ugly sides of virtues, the difficulty giver only reminisces of what is realistic in this surreal world. In my own incites I hope there's a more stronger aspect of making things in a righteous karma especially of against the people who had the feeling of a not bereft reality. So... back to the pragmatical approach which mustn't be ignited immediately and what's more forceful in the name of popularity, now this one: Let's take a pick:

Lady Gaga Advocates Gay Rights, Sings 'Born This Way' At Rome Rally In Circus Maximus 

So... In  my journey what's the difference now between this two auras of person that I'm instigating to show the reality of making things right. Everything seemed to be an enemy against frailty of society and things which is called an enlightenment of universe and surrealistic views of up heaving people. Against the harshness of fatalistic views which is always a myriad assure ties in my voyage of a humungous thought and everything which can't be an absurd in life against the deteriorating visions of mine. Both of them had an ecclectical majority when dealing with people, without any space for what is called a popularity and wisdom when give them an oblique path to a good karma. When dealing with them there's always an antagonistic difference but they're both different when handling of what is righteous. But there must be a remind of treating ourselves not follow the ways of an immitated people, in my own sight I'm very improvised of dealing with karmas and handling my own fate just to avoid the harshness of population and escaping in the hands of the silent fart. Now ascertain their aspects in reality then find out how things came upon them in making in this world and who are they in this ravagous and mustn't be heretical in making void of karmas and dogmas in the continuous growth of population. Perhaps in my sojourn there's always a probability of tremendous madness with people, I believe you may see who's the who can make a best terrain in this route to make things different. Once I encountered another woman and told me to whom I had to give the magic beans of anti-derailment and deviance of people against me, I replied on one hand and said everything seemed to be latent as a means of making myself comfort against the obscure life. Things which is quite different wherein one hand I can feel the destructive side of myself and had to be wisier and acknowledging of things. I muttered again with her, one day I encountered her in my dream onwards the freedom that I need in my life, "I'm against the people and is a metalic rock woman" She told me which I remembered in my life when we've met at the woods. So the woman nodded and gone making things right for herself. In this interlude both of us had primary options of promoting our views in this world but who's the better and the best. Though I can't think, only the difficulty giver against the silent fart may deteriorate the wrath running against the envious people, wherein my side I always had a teenage dream to continue though it's quite heretical in my circumstance and must be set away forth back to their lives. So my journey will continue to have a more Friday nights with more gentes. :)

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