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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

When currently the old and the past

Everything seemed to be weird when dealing with my dreams and nightmares especially of encountering lots of human demeanor that should I have to correct. Speaking of infatuation and allurance I'd encountered Adam Levine and told me when she's gone to become deviant against him there's Jane to put him in security.

There's a lot of things to conquer my fears but nobody hand me up against the pressures of evil people, or shall I say madness of society which is quite eager in mentality not to desolate of what is contradicting in society and enlightenment. It was an assure ties with what can become a resolution in reality, there my bestfriend came to give me the answers though very difficult and sounds latent.
Lot's of procrastination when speaking of laws and norms in society contradict me especially when there the gigantic animal and the evil sling shot soldier came to dethrone me, but there the original came to blow away the malefescents.

Until more years come and I encounter a my avid fan writer to lead my path and give me lots of assure ties especially of overcoming denoument of the so called tasks that had to be improved in reality and is a probable supposition in my journey.

 Though it's quite difficult, at least I'd percieve there qualities and ecclairs in reality and longevity of search for enthusiasm of enlightenment of a one day enlightenment in the route of society, which is quite weird, mad, and turning to evade of the casualties that must be upheaved. Then in terms of diplomacy and myriad culture my journey and route to a very enchanted life, everything run the errands with the aide of a piece of cake, dealing against poisonous charms and karma. This where some of the juxtaposing people who tried continuing the feastive world after emotional shocks but I can say there's more ecclairs to invigorate.

Then I muttered with her, komare anong petsa na wala pa ring nangyayari? Kumusta naman? "Piece of cake" lang yan sabi niya.

Uhhh... Everything seemed to be curently the old and the past...

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