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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

The Excercise of the Signs

Now as ,my journey continued running onwards difficult twists I looked up at the myriad culttures of people especially with Femminism and catapults of anarchy. I've took a great travel but before I discovered something different with myself especially with handling facets of reality of animals.The Colt and the Ram in  the primary learning of my life. With the sign of the colt, I never ate different delicious foods that can be a denoument against enemies with a greater fortitude of truth and bountiful blessings of happiness in my life even though different spells of Satan tried entering my momentum of liturgy. Then I listen to the music that may destroy the invigorating charms of mischeviousness and playful poison... and also antagonistic poison against the unruly nature of anarchy. Now look at this picture again:
It's another sign of a protagonist that can be a bountiful effect for a beauty of soul, now with the sign of the colt I become dignified of upheaving derogatory remarks in the worth of heirarchy. Now everything seemed to be venerous in facing pressures and succulent energies of life and nature. Few days have gone and my bestfriend had visited me then endowed another fruit of experiences. Now Lot's of stories ricocheted again and make a bountiful entourage though seemed to be stoic in my part. I look at the highest peaks of mountains and become a luck with a sort of a viral message from features of ethereal society.
Now take a look at this next image:
For the sign of the Ram it's a moment of truth to seek for what's punitive in the sight of righteousness with the enervating aspects of reality. It's like what I've read in the book Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho just read and you may see how things become a security against the fissures of defeat and mentallity of real happiness. Music and water is always a therapy against evil that lurks in our mind, always concocted with definitive emotions, obligations and verdict which is a must in the entire realm. With my journey in through enchanted life I had lots of learning together with the voyage de Sage, the Celts and the Beans for the next security I'll search for the Zayniem which is considerable in the liturgy with my aunt. "This travel is suffoctating" one of them muttered, then its always a prerogrative which I hidly murmured with myself as we continued our group journey. As the moments of our phenomena where the evil queen followed only our energies may be a bountiful result for what is a so called reality against the nightmare that happened with me before where the hideous snake whispered another cursed which is a course in our life.

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