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viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Common communicable issue

The spread of knowledge is like a devouring deviance in the alleged sutures of fateless savor of a detour in the riveting arenas... of an ambiguous reality that mustn't had to be done as an heir of luminous realm. Though there's no reasons at all, I still can say that I'm a synthesis myself in the name of languid triumphs and I used to make in favor in this realm. It's a common communicable issue of a story that I'm interfacing when people tend to become a usual demeanor in heirarchy and meteoric route to aisle and where I see an archetypal momentum of artsy presumptions which is deviant in my own society of enlightenment to make imbibe of what is scenic in reality. The striking veneration of conspicuous harmony must always become sumptous to make of a passive hypothesis in the longevity of years that I'm dealing with my voyage. Things which is a must to conclude a meaningful society though there's a deviance and that like I'm turning myriad in the visions of what I am always concluding as a phenomenal coutour in the route of what is a must in the sight of many eyes. What's far more important is an owned explanantory belief where in majabaratas, indarapatras, xiang kai Scheck and different cultures that can be concocted to make a bountiful implementations of what is ethereal in the name of what can be a synthesis against the route of poisonous charms. The meticulous reality is always a final thing in delight though a fury in the swipes of methodological aspects of studies regarding karma, culture and consequences. If there's a hundredth times of difficulties then there's always a motivation to make each indivuals become a harbour to the dreams of being a pretty woman in this humungous nightmare. Airy obstacles and demeanors which is a mustn't in my life and viral to escape from pressures of my worth in this diplomatical detour. The enlighthenment of my very own Editoria Knight is a real example of a stance of a woman being punitive with romance and what is surrealistic above enlighenment; Tooking caress of motherhood; making swipes with children; imploring basket of pure graces in terms of harmony and essence of intelligence against the feigned sympathetic environment of White Zombies; Cascading down luminous devours of senseless voids. Like a stench of Editoria Knight which I'm always against her she's still had a sunlight beams of ecclairs to womanhood like me. The many issues that I'm always conjuring in the images and sorts of different people there where lits of assure ties of volts to conclude in the route of success and viral messages that can evolve their conscience and make it as a sense of purity and ranges of ecclectical values of triumphs in the arc of smiles. It's like a definitive conscience to be concocted with many sights of individual in that I'm gaining a momentum of delinquence and ironical status quo society.

May isa nga nagsabi kalamansi na lang ulam namin kinain niya pa
Yung sunod naman pagnakipag-usap ka pa sakin nakipagusap ka na sa Toooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhh...

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